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Inside the basement, Veronica and Mac play some cat-and-cornered mouse with Butters until Veronica rips a sheet off a table, exposing the broadcasting equipment. Butters kills the broadcast as Veronica lays out her theory: Butters and Marcos had the radio show, Clemmons found out about it after Marcos died and his family was suing the school, and Clemmons let Butters continue doing the show in exchange for recordings of Marcos's voice. That...doesn't make a lot of sense, if only for the simple reason that if it were true, there's no way Clemmons would have let them in to see Butters while he was broadcasting, nor would Butters have insisted on "private basement time" when he thought it was just his dad at the door. Butters denies that his dad knows about the show, and in fact says that Clemmons would kill him if he knew about it, which seems more in character anyway. Veronica asks why Marcos quit the show a month before the bus crash, and Butters tells her he went to camp, and when he came back, he was all weird, and said he wouldn't do the show anymore. So we've got a title for the film version of this story: Pump Up The Volume, Even Though I'm A Cheerleader. Come on, Christian Slater and RuPaul have been kept apart for too long already. Butters doesn't know why Marcos quit, though, and snarks that they didn't get together and talk about his feelings. Mac snits, "Oh, like girls!" Oh, Mac. Five minutes in, and you're already trying to change him. Butters asks them to leave.

Outside, the door closes. Mac: "I really think he likes me." Heh. Scene.

Mars Investigations. Keith is explaining to Marcos's dad that the radio show is the source of the recordings. The dad seems jazzed about the concept, so I'm not really getting why Marcos had to quit, but maybe it was in an effort to avoid his real number-one fan. Keith points out that Marcos could have made some enemies, but Marcos's dad doesn't think a classmate would go so far as to torment a dead kid's grieving parents. Keith mentions Veronica and summer camp, but the dad doesn't want to hear about either, saying that he and his wife have three days either to settle or drop the suit. I assume he means they have to present a reasonable standard of proof by that time, or the judge will throw out the case.

A short time later, Keith informs Veronica that it's Marcos's parents' night to go bowling, so he's going to stake out their house and see if he can catch the harasser in the act. Keith leaves, and Veronica turns her attention to the Olivereses' credit-card statement that she's managed to procure. She quickly discovers that the name of the place to which Marcos was sent is "Camp Selfquest," and further research indicates that the camp's mission is to increase the number and lower the average age of ex-gays. Not that there's anything that isn't wrong with that. NVMVO realizes that Marcos was gay.

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