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See What Happens When You Don't Take Backup?

The van stops in the middle of nowhere. Logan plays possum, but when Thug One is busy trying to pick him up, he fishes Thug One's cell phone out of his pocket. Thugs One and Two pitch Logan down a hill and then drive off. Once they're gone, Logan picks himself up, takes out the phone, and makes a call. Weevil answers on the other end and asks if it's done. Logan: "Oh, it's just getting started, Weevs. You have no idea the hell you've just brought on yourself." Logan hangs up, and looks like he's about to cry. Breakups are never easy, kiddo.

Veronica catches Butters at lunch and makes fun of him for eating a lunch of "fish sticks and chocolate milk." If that's the fare he gets at school, it's no wonder he's bitter enough to slam the place on the radio. Veronica then asks him about Camp Selfquest, but Butters denies knowledge of it, and also thinks Marcos wasn't gay, but a "Playboy-lovin' booty hound." Sorry, Butters, but you were paired with the only guy in the world who actually read that magazine for the articles. Butters goes on to say that Marcos almost got his ass kicked by a girl's jealous boyfriend, so Veronica leaves, but not without stealing a couple of Butters's fries. Heh.

Computer room. In an effort to smoke out the author of the anonymous note, Veronica sends him or her a fake email from the "Radio Broadcast Alliance," offering free concert tickets to anyone who'll complete a survey. She asks for an immediate phone reply.

Sheriff's office. Keith shows up as Marcos's dad exposits that they have some papers to sign, and also that Keith is going to testify about everything he's discovered. Keith asks Marcos's mom to excuse them. Keith then informs Marcos's dad that he found fish food floating in the aquarium, and he can't understand that. I'm assuming that, based on the obviousness of the note and the fact that the fish tank bus was in pretty plain sight, Keith always thought Marcos's dad planted it, and I'm guessing he mentioned the fish food because it was the most efficient way to make his point. And if that's the case, it did the trick, because Marcos's dad looks totally busted. Keith tells him he won't testify, and that Marcos's dad should take the settlement. Keith leaves as Marcos's dad looks bummed. Well, if it's any consolation, by putting the bus in the water, you showed a lot more flair for this type of thing than the person actually harassing you did. Just wait until you tell your wife about your newly-discovered talent!

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