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...into consciousness, on the couch in his hotel room. Duncan looks confused, as predicted, but that could partly be due to the fact that he sees and hears Logan and Veronica talking in hushed tones across the room. It seems obvious that they're only modulating their voices in an effort not to wake Duncan up, and not because they're trying to hide something, but when your unconscious just went to a lot of trouble to call your girlfriend a whore, it would be kind of rude of your conscious to ignore it. Logan says something snarky, and Veronica snits that he's being a jackass, so it must be "an even-numbered day." So that's why the first half of last season was so confusing. I never could get used to each month starting on the 2nd. She goes on to say that, on the odd days, Logan's kissing her ass for a favor. He promises that even-numbered days will be a thing of the past if she just finds out why the plastic surgeon is falsely claiming that he saw Logan stab Felix. Veronica notices that Duncan has disappeared from the couch, but Logan insists that she pay attention to him. It's nice of the writers to give us a few unsurprising moments. We need to catch our breath sometimes. Logan asks Veronica to pretend that her dog's life is at stake, and throws out the possibility that the doctor might be dealing illegal prescription drugs. Veronica concedes that that would be pretty easy to check into...

...and we cut to Duncan, who can hear their conversation but isn't paying it much attention, since he's got the letter that he surreptitiously took out of Meg's vent in the last episode in his hands. It's addressed to Meg, and is from a "Chris Talley," with a Seattle return address. Also, on the back, in the same handwriting, it reads "Private and Confidential: This means you." That's an awfully strange thing for the sender to write. If he (or she, as the forum posters were quick to point out is a possibility) was worried about Meg's parents reading it, I'd think that message would only ensure that eventuality. Anyway. Duncan puts the letter in a drawer without reading it. Don't worry, Duncan, I'll let you know when the third act rolls around.

Back in the main room, Veronica has discovered on a medical website that the plastic surgeon, Dr. Griffith, has a reprimand on his record for an "inappropriate off-site practice" involving a "Danny Boyd." I wonder what such an inappropriate practice could be. Perhaps abuse of an Irish folk song? Veronica promises to look into it the next day. Also, there's a shout-out to Polter-Cow of the forums, whose real name is used on the byline of an article. Nice.

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