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Cut to the Xterra parking on the main drag across from Mars Investigations. Logan concernedly looks at Veronica, who puts her head in her hands and cries. Logan tries to console her, but she freaks out at him about the gun, saying that he's going to get himself killed. This from the girl who just all too likely ensured that a family of Irish toughs is going to be after not only her but her father as well. Logan says that the gun isn't even loaded, and that Dick's dad gave it to him, adding that, given his situation, he could use it. I suppose Dick's dad was also under the mistaken impression that Logan knew to put bullets in it. Then again, given that Logan was banging Dick's dad's wife, maybe he had an ulterior motive for omitting that little detail. Veronica snarls that, given Logan's situation, he should just move out of Neptune. I spent a fair amount of time parsing that sentence, and I still can't admit that the message "Thanks for saving my life" is contained therein. I'll keep trying, though, because it's got to be in there somewhere, right? As Veronica gets out of the car, Logan lifts up his pant leg to reveal the locator, and notes that moving away isn't an option at the moment. Veronica snits away. Girl, what crawled up your ass and died? I'm no 'shipper, and I know she just went through a horrible situation and is worried about Logan, but this reaction still seems somewhat uncalled for.

Inside Mars Investigations, Veronica cries a bit more at her desk, apparently unaware that Keith is in his office. He asks her if she knew "Marcos Oliveres," but the name doesn't ring a bell with her. Keith says that he was on the bus, and given that we ended an episode with Veronica sobbingly saying that everyone on the bus died because of her, you'd think she might have taken the time to learn their names. It would make visiting their graves a whole lot easier. Keith notices that she's been crying, but Veronica blows off his concern. Keith tells her that Marcos's parents are suing the school, and about the harassment, and says that it started after they brought the lawsuit. Keith delivers his lines here with some weird facial contortions that make it look like he just quit chewing tobacco cold turkey. Nicorette, Keith. Look into it. Veronica asks whether Keith really thinks someone from the school is harassing Marcos's parents, but Keith says that, in his experience, most crime is personal. You'd think this would be a good opening for Veronica to inform Keith that she just opened an old wound that might land him anywhere from the hospital to the cemetery, but they might have edited that bit out. Instead, Keith asks Veronica to ask around at school about Marcos.

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