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See What Happens When You Don't Take Backup?

Neptune High. In the computer room, Veronica is having no luck getting any information about Marcos, despite the fact that he was in the class. Eventually, though, a student who will probably be geekily attractive once he gets to college pipes up that Marcos kept to himself. The kid wraps up by saying that no one really knew Marcos. Not the real Marcos, anyway.

Veronica flips through her yearbook and discovers that Marcos is missing a picture as VMVO muses about what it would be like to be forgotten. I don't really have much desire to be recapping some garbage-assed show next season, hon, so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tempt fate like that. Veronica's computer pings, and VMVO expresses hope that Wallace has emailed her "again," with more than just a brush-off sentiment about how he needs time to think. We first see an email from Keith asking her to pick up food for Backup. If he's that hungry, it might be a good time to go back to River Stix and chomp some Irish ass. There's also an email in Veronica's inbox from a "KT Echolls," so I'm wondering if that means Willow and Cordelia are going to have a little reunion soon. But the new email is from someone anonymous who claims to have known Marcos. He was great, apparently, but the person won't reveal who he or she is because he or she has a jealous boyfriend who knew he or she liked Marcos. The repeated use of the expression "he or she," by the way, should not be taken as any kind of spoiler. Veronica then hears Keith's heated voice coming from the kitchen... Veronica walks in and finds Keith berating someone over the phone. He hams it up until he gets the information he needs, and if I were hearing these clichéd choices over the phone, I'd give up the requested information, but out of sympathy, not any sense of intimidation. Maybe the result of the sheriff's election bothered Keith more than he let on. Anyway, he shows Veronica an MP3 player, which he says he found taped under Marcos's mom's car and which was playing a recording of Marcos's voice over the car radio. Also, the player was paid for by the school district. Veronica smilingly takes the player and promises to investigate as Keith makes faces that suggest he's recently been on the business end of a Botox injection.

Veronica trails Clemmons into his office area, trying to get a quote about the lawsuit, but Clemmons tells her that anything he says on the subject has to be cleared by the principal. Well, that answers that question. Veronica asks whether that means he's just a powerless factotum. Is someone taking the SAT again? Clemmons: "Yes...exactly." Hee.

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