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...and the background morphs to the exterior of Neptune High. Krunk tells his partner, "Imitation Crab," that the winner of the "Cock...of the Walk" countdown is Logan, which makes forty weeks running. "Rosemary's Baby -- The Teen Years. If I was his mother, I'd kill myself too." Well, that's pretty mean. But if Veronica, of all people, didn't seek out this stream of anti-Logan vitriol in the first half of last year, maybe Mac's exaggerating about Krunk's popularity. I know Veronica was busy, but she would have made time to listen to that shit. Krunk talks some rather uninspired smack about various Neptune students as VMVO wonders if there's anyone at school who didn't have it in for Marcos. Well, maybe not, but given that Mac, Krunk's biggest (er, second-biggest) fan, didn't know his identity, it's probably safe to assume that not a lot of people did. Krunk then gets to Duncan, whom he speculates has a "dark secret," such as being a serial murderer or "puppy strangler." Ah, now Krunk is getting a bit more insightful. Veronica realizes that Duncan has been ignoring her.

Veronica's at her locker when Logan appears and asks if there's any news on "Nip/Schmuck." Hee, nice. Veronica opines that it's pretty obvious that the guy is in the pocket of the Fitzpatricks, but Logan doesn't know what he could have done to stir their ire. I assume he means before he waved a gun at that guy who would have happily tattooed a girl's face while only using an admittedly kick-ass Stereophonics song for anesthesia. Veronica says she's working on the connections, but given that she's known about the Fitzpatrick family's grudge against Cervando for a long time, I'd think she might have figured out a possible connection already. I mean, I did four episodes ago, and I never see this stuff coming. But the Fitzpatricks' taking out their vengeance on the PCHers' acting leader, Felix, and then pinning the blame on Logan due to the convenience of his happening to be lying there unconscious certainly still seems like a possibility. Logan asks Veronica to speed things up, since he really doesn't want "bottom bunk in Fisty McRapesalot's cell." He prefers that you call him "Adebisi." I'd remember that if I were you, Logan. Veronica says that she's sure he can get a top. Yeah, that's what he just said. Logan: "Help me, Mars-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Contrary to just about everyone who posted on the boards, I thought that line was kind of clunky. I certainly think it was the weakest line of Logan's in the scene, although the quiet desperation behind the words was well done.

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