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...and the next thing we know, we're in the shop, as Veronica and Ms. Hauser watch Clemmons use bolt cutters to cut all the locks from a bank of lockers. In the second locker he searches, he finds a stack of bills containing the fifty that Veronica described, but says there's only about three grand in it. Veronica, looking perplexed, takes note of a lockless locker elsewhere in the room, and then Clemmons discovers some drugs in the locker in which he found the money, and speculates that the thief spent the rest of it already. Sure, but don't jump to conclusions, Van. I mean, he might have had the drugs already, and just spent the money to dunk Jackie nine thousand times. Clemmons takes the class list from Ms. Hauser, and announces that the locker belongs to an "Eduardo Arozsco [and every single letter in that surname might be wrong, but don't email me]." Veronica asks if he's a freshman. Clemmons: "Senior. Goes by the name of 'Thumper.'" Veronica chews on that into the last commercial break.

Ms. Hauser takes a wood paddle out of the locker and sighs that she doesn't even want to know what he uses it for. Well, now that he's the leader of the PCHers, he gets to initiate members however he wants. Veronica asks to see it, and there are a bunch of letter-number combinations carved into it that could only be license-plate numbers. Clemmons takes the paddle from her, he and Ms. Hauser head out of the room, and Veronica swivels her head with the determination of someone who has to wrap up about eight subplots in the next ten minutes.

Thumper jauntily walks through the crowd scaring people with his snake, and thankfully, that's not a euphemism. Said jauntiness diminishes rapidly when he runs into Clemmons and two security guards at the exit.

Veronica enters Clemmons's office as VMVO explains that while it was a bummer when Clemmons took her keys, it made the twenty bucks she spent on a duplicate set seem like a solid investment. I can't believe I didn't express my disappointment at the time that she didn't gloatingly inform us she had a duplicate set, so this is perfectly fine to me. She finds the paddle, and her exhalation of "license plates" makes the VMVO that preceded it even more deserving of an "N" than at first it seemed. Veronica goes to the copier, but when she opens it, she finds Ms. Hauser's health test in it, which is labeled "Alcohol and Alcoholism." And thanks to Lianne, any idea Veronica had that she needed to study for this exam just flew out the window. Veronica folds up the test, copies the license numbers...

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