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Neptune High. Weevil pulls into the parking lot driving an old restored American car, and Veronica goes to greet him with a smile. She tells him that she made up the whole thing about the name and number on the fifty-dollar bill, and Weevil is forced to compliment her. I suppose Veronica knew that the culprit had to be in that room, but it's not clear what she hoped to accomplish with the lie. Some of the posters speculated that she floated the story simply to smoke the thief out or goad him into making a mistake, which seems like the most likely explanation. But it's still unclear, and I wish it weren't, since it comes across as a clumsy device existing solely so that we and Veronica can learn who really stole the money. It's the only real mystery-related flaw I see in a very well-plotted and complex episode. Veronica adds that Weevil must have broken Thumper's lock and put on his own after he was done planting the evidence, but she doesn't know where he hid the cash box. Weevil says that he did, in fact, hide it in Ophelia's backpack, and then she went and stashed it in the ball pit. After Veronica had searched her pack, she went back in and got it in advance of Veronica having it emptied. Damn, for a tough guy, Weevil certainly dances well. Veronica concludes that while she was having the ball pit searched, Weevil was planting the evidence, but he adds that he had to go back and throw in the incriminating fifty. Veronica: "So when you rented The Thomas Crown Affair: McQueen? Or Brosnan?" Heh. Weevil asks if she didn't bust him because of undying love, or just good old-fashioned lust. Veronica: "Love...of roller coasters. And hatred of anything that requires me to tie a sweater over my shoulders and be at sea with my classmates." Now we know why Logan had to sip champagne and listen to "Crimson and Clover" all by himself last season. Veronica adds that it had nothing to do with Weevil, but from the way she smiles to end the episode, plenty of people thought this foreshadowed a romance between the two of them. I really hope not, if for no other reason than I'll end up in an asylum if I have to read hundreds of posts analyzing the pros and cons of "Weeveronica."

Next time: Jackie gets accused of stealing money, and Veronica has to...oh, wait. Stupid UPN promo department.

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