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Veronica sits down on a bench with Weevil and his niece, who's named Ophelia. I'd make a comment, but after recently seeing poor Yorick's skull playing the part of a banana peel, I've gotten all I'm likely to need out of Hamlet, at least for the foreseeable future. Veronica pretends to admire Ophelia's Powerpuff Girls backpack, and I like to think she wasn't completely pretending. Nonetheless, Weevil sharply says that it doesn't have a metal box in it, and adds that with the metal detectors being moved around, it's pretty obvious what's going on. He instructs Veronica to go ahead and inspect the bag, and when Veronica complies, she finds nothing untoward. Weevil: "Your case must really suck if your prime suspect is a six-year-old." Veronica leaves, not bothering to point out that if we're talking emotional age, just about every suspect around here is likely to be a six-year-old. On a good day.

Mars Investigations. We pan around a small statue of Justice as Cook tells Keith that Lamb is using him as a scapegoat and Keith smiles in an adorably dorky manner. Cook adds that he read Keith's book, and couldn't put it down. Not that I'm complaining, but it definitely feels like this episode marks the point where the writers realized that they had almost as many dropped plot points as they do over on Lost and started getting things in gear. And I appreciate that, because while this show may never beat that one in the ratings, I still think the expression "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" is for losers. Keith points out that, in his book, the famous guy actually did it. Cook tells Keith that Lamb sees him as The Woodman's ally, since he spent the last three months campaigning for The Woodman's incorporation plan, which would turn Lamb into "the hayseed who hands out speeding tickets on the way into town." Hee. Now I'm picturing Lamb asking a stopped driver, "D'ya know how fast ya were goin'?" while chewing on a blade of grass. Keith thinks Lamb leaned on Cook, but doesn't see the big deal, since Lamb won't file charges without hard evidence. Cook tells Keith about being at the stadium the day of the field trip, and adds that Lamb's forensics team found cell phone and baseball fragments in the driver's body: "He thinks I planted a bomb in the back that I detonated by calling the cell phone, and I need you to prove that I didn't make that call. That I had nothing to do with that crash. And if gazing soulfully into your eyes is the last thing I ever do, I can die a happy, happy man." Oh, that last part might have been Keith. By the way, remember that Cook and The Woodman were arguing when we first saw them from a distance. I suspect it may prove to be important.

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