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Pool house. Veronica arrives, and Logan looks up with a "Ho, ho...ho." Hee. Veronica chuckles sardonically. You know, these kids are all pretty witty, and insults don't really seem to bother them. Perhaps they should forget their differences and start a website together. Weevil asks Veronica if she wants a soda, but, grabbing Duncan's bottle of JD, she says she wants something with a little more kick, and starts chugging away. And if there was any doubt before, Veronica is definitely ready for college. Except, wait -- it's really iced tea. Veronica: "How very musical theater of you." Hee. Veronica announces that Duncan can't remember the alphabet when he drinks, much less figure out a pizza tip. That's not exactly how I remember him the night we saw him drinking, but she would know better than I. She goes on, Columbo- or Poirot-style, that Duncan faked being drunk so that the others wouldn't take him seriously. Also, Connor isn't a drug addict -- he drinks a lot of "sun tea": "It's that diuretic wrestlers down when they need to make weight, or that actors use before they're half-naked on the cover of Vanity Fair." Or before they have to strip in front of a famous director's great-grandson. Veronica turns to Logan, saying he looks like an evildoer and smells like an evildoer, and she even sniffs the air as she says it. Hee. "But surprisingly, not so much." She explains that Weevil told her he didn't get the chance to search the room thoroughly, but that when she saw it, it looked like the FBI had gone through it. Since Logan tore it up looking for the money, it follows that he didn't steal it. As pointed out on the forums, Logan could have done that to throw off Veronica, but since he didn't know she was coming by, that seems like a long shot. Logan looks slightly confused that Veronica's sticking up for him. Or maybe he just didn't understand what she was talking about.

Anyway, Veronica doesn't even bother explaining her rationale for thinking Weevil didn't do it, so it seems like she simply trusts him implicitly, which is kind of nice, I'd have to say. She cuts to the chase and says that Sean did it: he hid the money in one of the large-mouthed bottles he was drinking from, and then when it was thrown out, snatched it from the Echollses' recycling bin. Hmm. I know that maxim about eliminating the impossible and seeing what remains, but Veronica's awfully imaginative to have come up with that scenario. Logan asks why Sean would need to steal, which is a dumb way of putting it, because Connor, whom Logan suspected, hardly "needs" the money either, coke habit or no. Anyway, this is so that Veronica can tell us that she wondered why Sean's dad was at home at 3 in the afternoon in a suit instead of being at work -- unless he was at work: "I have to say, I was a bit miffed -- I was this close to being able to say, 'The butler did it.' But no, it was the butler's son." Sean snarls that that doesn't prove anything, but Veronica duhs that his saying that makes him a liar, and by the way, she ran a background check on him, and he's got a shoplifting problem. "You are really bad at it," she tells Sean. Hee. Sean looks around, and if he wasn't familiar with the expression "tough room," he is now. He starts to babble to Weevil that he has the money, but Weevil suggests that they go for a walk. Sean babbles on that there's no need for violence. Oh, Sean. If you take it like a man, at least you won't give Weevil the extra incentive of closing your incessantly babbling mouth. Veronica takes a seat and asks if she can deal first, and spreads the deck in a manner that suggests she's no stranger to Vegas. Frankly, if she wasn't a card sharp, I'd be a little disappointed.

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