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Pocket Rockets

Anyway. Everyone seems to be drinking, but only Duncan is acting ass-wasted, even touching Weevil's head, which seems like a good way to lose a hand. Weevil and Logan go in for $500 on a hand, and Duncan drunks something to one of the other guys, "Sean," about drinking "ghetto brew" out of wide-mouthed bottles. As the hand progresses, we learn that the other guy, "Connor," is apparently a movie star. I guess he's supposed to be a little older, and that Logan knows him through his dad. I'd speculate that this guy is a great ass-kisser to be palling around with the teenaged son of a hotshot movie executive. I would speculate that, but I'd better not, because, as you'll see, this episode is already bursting with so much homoeroticism that Smallville's producers are taking notes and shaking their heads in wonder. Anyway, Logan goes all in on the turn, and Weevil calls. Neither of them has a pair, but Logan's got an ace-jack, while Weevil's stuck with an ace-deuce. Logan's also working a straight. I feel fairly secure in guessing that it's not going to be forthcoming. Someone on the forums pointed out that the poker had to be pretty shitty for Logan and Weevil to be the last two guys in, considering that Logan went all in with only an ace and a possible straight, and Weevil called. I don't think that's necessarily true, though, but it really depends on how these two had played through the evening and how the betting had gone on that particular hand. Anyway, Logan crows for a while about his prohibitively favorable odds while explaining a bit of the game to the two people in the audience who have never watched Celebrity Poker Showdown. Bored with his boyfriend's antics, Weevil tells him to turn the last card. Logan says okay, but "the river is gonna get you," which he sings to the tune of "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," which is a lot cleverer than his Cuban comment, I will readily admit. Anyway, the river is a deuce. Weevil does not break into "Conga," but you know he wants to. After the guffawing dies down, Weevil asks to cash out for his five grand, so I guess they were playing tournament-style with a set buy-in, which makes sense from the standpoint of Weevil's being able to afford the game. Logan asks Sean for the money box, but said box is empty. Awkward. Everyone looks bewildered, except Weevil, who is angry at what looks like a fast one being pulled on him. After some back and forth about things going in and falling out that's probably best unrecapped, Weevil asks, "Do I have to turn each of you upside down and shake you?" Druncan gives a look like, "I'll go first." And can you blame him?

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