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Cut to two guys' asses clad in matching reindeer boxers. HA! The asses belong to Druncan and Logan. Hee hee. And proving that this show rarely misses a trick, bamp chicka wow wow music kicks up in the background. Holding your head to prevent it from pounding as you giggle like an idiot isn't the most dignified pose, I'll have you know. Sean asks, "Did you guys call each other?" a fair question, I'd say. Weevil steals a Faberge egg so unsurreptitously that I'm surprised he didn't grab a pair and juggle them on the way out. Going to Easter at the Echolls house must have been a profitable exercise for the neighborhood children. And yes, you'd think no one would be so hopelessly tacky as to show off a Faberge egg in a pool house, but then again, we haven't gotten to the Christmas party yet. Weevil tells the four guys, who are all in their underwear, that they picked the wrong dude to rip off, and that he'll get his money one way or the other. Given that they're already stripped down, might I suggest you take it out in trade? By the way, nice bod, Dohring. And in other news, if Duncan's hung like it looks like in this particular shot, it's no wonder Veronica was devastated when he dumped her. Sean: "This is the worst game of strip poker. Ever." I rarely presume to speak for all the forum posters, but I feel good about it in this case: Beg. To. Differ. Credits. Now that's a teaser.

Man, Lisa Rinna only gets a regular "guest star" mention? You'd think her lips alone would rate a "Special Appearance By" credit. I'm not really sure I'd want to see their IMDb entry, though, if you take my meaning.

Veronica and Wallace pedeconference about a Padres fantasy camp. Veronica thinks it would be the perfect Christmas present for Keith, but Wallace notes that it costs three grand. Well, Veronica, you could look into sending him to a more affordable option. Toronto's cold this time of year, though. Veronica good-naturedly complains a bit about being poor, and this is much more in line with how I view her general attitude than that whole artificial "Money, money, got to have it" characterization from "Drinking The Kool-Aid." Her reverie is interrupted by Duncan, who storms up to Weevil and demands his laptop, eventually grabbing him. I'm not an expert on 09er etiquette, but I imagine that trying to rough up your best friend's boyfriend is a no-no. Anyway, Weevil's goons pull Duncan off. Duncan snarls that he didn't take Weevil's money, but Weevil points out that someone did. In an awfully-dubbed line, Duncan reiterates that it wasn't him. I'll admit that the amount I'm bugged by that is disproportionate, but if you don't have usable footage of a particular moment, consider whether the line could be scrapped entirely rather than getting Teddy Dunn in on his day off to deliver a bad line reading, okay? I say that with love. Anyway, Weevil tells his goons to let Duncan go, and the Diesels make themselves scarce.

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