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Veronica approaches a frustrated Duncan and gets the backstory. The part where the four young boys were closing their eyes while the words "Think unsexy thoughts" ran repeatedly through their brains is omitted. Veronica dismissively says something about lying down with dogs and getting fleas, and when Duncan tells her he didn't invite Weevil, she snits that that's not who she was talking about. I was surprised at first that she would be so snotty to Duncan, although possibly there's an explanation in that episode that got pulled for the holidays. Then it occurred to me that she might be referring to Logan. And then I was surprised that Veronica would think that Logan would have an insect problem, but I suddenly remembered Paris Hilton. Ironic that that was the end result of so much thinking. Duncan tells Veronica that she might want to care, since he's kept a journal on his laptop for three years, and at one time, she was "kind of a feature." Veronica: "A feature with a cleverly disguised pseudonym?" Hee. Duncan informs her that he was "prolific," and walks off. Veronica's face indicates that her time with Duncan was prolific in a slightly different sense of the word. VMVO tells us that she's got to get that computer back. Seriously. That thing would be hotter than Molly Ringwald's undies in Sixteen Candles.

Veronica enters a darkened classroom wherein Weevil and the boys are playing some dice game. Veronica "hey"s Weevil, and he calls her out that whenever she needs a favor, she tries to act all casual, but tilts her head to the side. In a poker-themed episode, Weevil's noticing Veronica's "tell" away from a game setting is deliciously clever. Props, show. I bestow absolution for thy bad dubbing. Veronica asks Weevil to give Duncan his computer back and let her handle tracking down the money. Weevil gets a little testy at the notion that he would need her, but allows that if he gets his money, no one else will lose any stuff. Veronica asks why Weevil was even there. Weevil sort of duhs that the opportunity to take five grand from rich kids who don't know a spade from a club was something that kind of piqued his interest.

We drop into the first of many flashbacks this episode, as Logan's on his knees in front of Weevil. They're in front of Logan's locker, but that's a minor detail. I'd say "insert your own joke here," but I've been reading the forums, and y'all already did. Logan: "If you're asking me to the prom again, the answer is still no." You know, I've read that these two are close friends in real life, and obviously, they both hit a killer roll of the charisma die. The upshot is that no matter what invective these two may say to each other, it comes out sounding like "My loins will explode if I don't take you in my arms RIGHT NOW." Frankly, it's getting a little distracting, and the fact that the writers' internet handles all seem to be something along the lines of "LexnClark4EVA!" isn't helping. Anyway. Weevil wants to play in the poker game. It's a thousand dollar buy-in for a five grand pot, as we already know. Logan lets Weevil in. You could argue that he did so because he needed a fifth to fill out the pot, but I think, all kidding aside, that these two grudgingly respect and even secretly like each other after the events of "The Girl Next Door." Logan did give up a pair of really fugly boots for Weevil, after all.

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