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Anyway, this revelation sends us into flashback country. As Homer Simpson might say, it's a big country. Weevil asks Connor what Catherine Zeta-Jones is like. Dude, she's borne the spawn of Michael Douglas. I think it's safe to say you don't want to go there. Logan pipes up, "It's not like your people. They don't all know each other." Okay, that's pretty bad -- certainly the worst thing he's said. But I'd still argue that Logan's referring to class and not race. Not that that makes him Citizen of the Year or anything, but I think it's an important enough distinction to draw. Anyway, Weevil just smiles sardonically, but Connor gets up in Logan's grill for the "racist" comments he's been making. I love the stereotype of the PC actor here. Logan: "Does the soapbox come with the SAG card?" Hee. Connor pipes up that maybe it's because "Rosie Perez thought you were a girl." Apparently, Logan was in love with Rosie Perez, so Haaron got her to show up to Logan's tenth birthday party, and she showed up and was all, "Happy birthday, Lauren!" And that wouldn't make much sense, because you'd think there's no way she'd confuse him for a girl on sight, but that brings me back to the whole fey thing. And if I had to recap this show without using the words "gay" or "fey," I wouldn't be able to talk about Logan at all, so give those words their due. Connor adds that Rosie Perez got Logan a purse. Okay, hee. Sean: "Connor, you really are like the son Aaron Echolls never had." Now that's going to leave a mark. I just hope it can find some free real estate. As Connor gets paged, Weevil asks Logan if he still has the purse. Of course he does, Weevil. What did you think that was he got the condoms out of?

Back in the present, Logan says that Connor's rushing to the bathroom once he got paged was suspicious. Veronica says she'd be thrilled to question Connor, but that he must be difficult to get hold of. Logan makes a call to someone, asking whether the person can get his "friend" -- awkward glance -- a "drive-on" to see Connor. He gives the person Veronica's name, and then clarifies, "No, 'V' as in 'virgin'!" With one hand Logan giveth, and with the other he bitch-slappeth away. Veronica sarcastically notes how helpful he is, and Logan in turn tells her that her bothering Connor will please Logan. As Veronica leaves, Logan tells her, "Annoy, tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind!" Cackle for me, Logan. Grab the purse if you think it'll help. And as for you, Veronica, I suggest a second pair of underwear for your trip to the set. You can't be too careful.

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