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Is This Betty Ford We're Talking About?

Veronica makes to smash the bug when VMVO realizes that maybe now she wants Wiedman listening. Well, I hope you're quiet when you have sex dreams about your ex, then. Or, you know, um, afterward. Veronica reassembles the panda.

I have to interject here that it doesn't make sense for Wiedman to have shown himself to Veronica if he wasn't going to do anything. Why tip her off? I mean, he might have done it out of ego, after Veronica's whole "game on" thing with the pictures of him with his kid. But still, after the tension we waited through for four weeks, where it seemed like Lianne and Veronica were in imminent danger, on top of the fact that this part of the story is told in flashback and thus kills any urgency, it seems like a bit of a letdown. Anyway.

In slo-mo, a basketball swishes into the net. In real time, a drenched Wallace is trash-talking a teammate of his. He dribbles through the teammate's legs and hits a sweet reverse layup. Or perhaps his stunt double did, but Wallace has pretty nice delts for a skinny guy, anyway. Veronica makes a comment from the sidelines...

...and, later, meets Wallace outside the locker room. Aw. It's nice that they can have some interaction that doesn't involve permanent records. Wallace gets props from several students as he and Veronica walk down the hall, and Veronica's only half-joking as she notes that they really like him. Considering her distaste for both the rituals of high school and the students contained therein, I'm surprised the joke only made it halfway. Wallace sincerely tells Veronica that he knows the school's been rough on her, but that some of the kids seem pretty cool. I'd note that these "pretty cool" kids were the same ones that stood by while he was taped naked to a flagpole, but since he sort of became buddies with the person who actually did that deed well before the show got its full-season order, it seems kind of pointless. Wallace speculates that maybe the school isn't as bad as Veronica thinks it is. Right then, Veronica rounds a corner to see Duncan holding a sign that says, "As bad as you think it is," while Meg, canoodling with him, in turn displays her own card that reads, "And worse!" Veronica snarks under her breath that they seem friendly. Good thing one of the school colors is green. She stalks to her locker, but can't even get it open before Vice-Principal Clemmons taps her and summons her to his office. Veronica sunnily breezes, "I love this school!" Wallace decides that he'd better stick to impressing Veronica with his basketball moves.

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