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Is This Betty Ford We're Talking About?

Point Contrivance. We get a somewhat contrived tableau of kids doing this and that. Wilson pulls up, and is immediately accosted by Weevil, who menaces him about Polly. Wilson confesses that he heard someone took Polly, so he went to a pet store and posed with a parrot, and let it be known that he stole Polly, all to look cool to the Pan students. Weevil thinks the stunt is "this close to taking a hot cousin to your prom." Wilson runs off to call his hot cousin, amazed he never thought of that before. Once he's gone, Veronica appears, having heard the whole exchange from a nearby hiding place. She and Weevil commiserate about how bad they feel for the kid, and then some dude pulls up in a pickup and asks Weevil if he's "the guy." Pretty much, except sometimes when Logan's around. The kid asks Weevil to put him down for a hundred on Neptune, and then greets Veronica as "Betty." Boy, she sure gets around for a social pariah. Weevil regards Veronica with a why-am-I-not-surprised look, and asks "Betty" to excuse them, since they have business to conduct. "Betty" walks off as VMVO tells us that she has business of her own to attend to...

..."Family business." Uch, that is one bad voice-over. Maybe in keeping with Veronica's alter ego, I'll call it BVO. She tells us stuff we basically already knew about Lianne leaving after Keith announced his intention to stay in Neptune and become a PI. We return to Lianne, who wants a beer. I can sympathize, but at least the sun's down where I am. She gets up to go to the bar, but Veronica follows and blocks her. Good way to lose an...everything. Lianne spills that she threatened to slap Jake with a paternity suit and take him for millions. Veronica, voice breaking, asks if Lianne is sure that Jake is Veronica's father. Lianne says no, but she's not sure that Keith is, either. I assume it's between the two, but then again, we don't know how long Lianne's been a drunk.

Deputy Leo arrives, again pulling Veronica out of the flashback. I should mention, by the way, that the flashbacks with Lianne are in normal light, in order to differentiate them from things that happened around the time of the Lilly Kane murder. Leo's smiling, as usual, and toting a wrapped box. He's awfully cheerful for someone who just committed a crime. Veronica opens the box to find the tapes she requested. She thanks Leo, who tells her that what he did qualifies him for a dinner date, and I agree. Why not go a little inland -- you'd be away from prying eyes, and what's more, they make a mean goatburger. Veronica tells Leo that he undershot, since he could have gotten dinner and a movie, and Leo feigns frustration. Don't worry, kids: this dinner's going to come with a show. Veronica turns the subject to sports betting, and asks why a bookie would give an even line if one team was heavily favored. Leo says he wouldn't -- a bookie always keeps the line at a point where the money is divided between the two sides as evenly as possible. (He doesn't go into detail, but basically, if you bet a lot of money on one team, the bookie will move the line so that team is giving more points, and he won't move it back unless someone else puts a relatively close amount of money down on the opposing team.) The bookie looks to make his money on commission by taking a cut of the bets, without risk, so if he accepts bets only on one side of the line, he exposes himself to the possibility of a huge loss. The seemingly only logical conclusion, then, is that the bookie knows something that the people who are betting don't. Veronica gives Leo a long look, wondering how such a cogent explanation could have come out of a mouth stuffed with the entire contents of a nine-ball rack.

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