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Is This Betty Ford We're Talking About?

Neptune High. Veronica is sitting with Wallace and the jocks. So much for those earlier protestations. Wallace suspiciously grabs some food off the table, makes a suspicious excuse, and runs off suspiciously. Surprisingly, Veronica looks suspicious.

Cut to Veronica catching up with Wallace, asking him what he's up to. He leads her to a van, wherein is contained a goat that's presumably Billy. Kind of cute, for a goat, I guess. I don't have much basis for comparison, ex-boyfriends I may have had notwithstanding. Commercials.

Shut UP, Mischa Barton.

Wallace tries to control Billy as he claims that he and the other guys stole the goat out of school pride. Veronica laughs at his predicament, and leaves.

Newsroom. Duncan is reading aloud a letter to the school newspaper, which calls Polly's kidnapping "an act of terrorism." Yeah, having lived two blocks from the World Trade Center when 9/11 happened, I'm not a big fan of people who bandy the word "terrorism" about. No offense to animal lovers. Not the remotely sane ones, anyway. Veronica notes: "Polly want a payback." Some girl hands Veronica a letter which is supposedly an opposing view for "the uninformed masses." She leaves, and Veronica reads, "Maybe the people who think that the person who took Polly is so awful should stop and think about the person who ripped Polly from her natural habitat and forced her to live in a cage." You know, displays like this demonstrate why they throw out the high and low scores in sports judging. Because the extreme view? Is often a little crazy. Duncan says that the girl must belong to "SAAC," which stands for Students Against Animal Cruelty: "They threw the bucket of blood on the Homecoming Queen a couple of years ago for wearing fur." You know, that's a good way to be haunted by the ghosts of Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek. Should something fatal ever happen to them, God forbid. Veronica asks if we've learned nothing from Carrie, and I'd be annoyed at her stepping on my punchline, except I referenced Carrie in my very first Veronica Mars recap, so it's clearly a shout-out from the writers. Sniff. I love you guys! Let's do Pippin!

Veronica's baking something as she listens to the interrogation tapes. We flash back to Keith asking Jake about the night of the murder. The two men are bathed in relatively soft light, but the fact that the rest of the room is dark combined with a very slight strobe-like editing effect makes the whole scene completely creepy. I know from Rob Thomas that the show is going for an entirely different look in flashbacks not pulled directly from Veronica's memories, and this one is a striking success. Jake claims that Celeste was with him at the Grand, and, under pressure from Keith, says they were there for some coitus without interruptus from the kiddus. Jake gives a few details -- that they put on the TV when they got into the room, and that they visited the Grand regularly for those purposes that are the most memorable. Jake's petulant and stubbly in this interview. The forum posters approve.

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