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Papa Was A Rollin' Stone...

At a table outside, Veronica finds the blonde girl from the psychic's show, "Michele," and asks her what she had to do when she got to the set. Michele says that she talked to an "audience member" when she got there and told her about Rhonda. The woman had big hair and rhinestone glasses, not that that's necessarily going to make her stand out in that crowd. Michele says she feels so much better since "Rhonda" forgave her for "not picking up," the last bit of which Veronica seizes on. Props to her for still being awake at the end of that sentence. Michele says that Rhonda called her from the bus, but that Michele was painting her nails, so she let it go to voicemail. I guess it's professional mani-pedis for the rest of her life, then. Veronica asks to hear it, and Michele gives her phone over with the admonition not to tell anyone about the message. You know, you call Veronica by her name, it sounds like you know her, and then you go and say a silly thing like that. Veronica listens to the message, in which Rhonda informs us that Michele was supposed to be on the trip. I'd think if Michele wanted forgiveness for something, it wouldn't be for not answering her phone. It'd be for, you know, NOT DYING NEXT TO HER FRIEND. Rhonda ditzes on for a minute until two explosive noises ring out in succession, and the kids scream for a couple of seconds before the message cuts off. Veronica looks pained, but surreptitiously forwards the message to another number. Has anyone else noticed that Veronica is kind of sneaky?

Neptune Grand. Logan is already sitting and stuffing his face when Duncan joins him, and if you think I didn't see the affectionate squeeze Duncan gives Logan's arm, you don't know what recapping is like. Duncan grandly says he's not sure they should play videogames, since this visit is supposed to be about mending fences and building bridges: "I'm afraid that my waxing your ass just isn't gonna help." On the contrary -- you just said you're interested in reducing the friction between you. Logan's all, bring it on, and tees off.

Psychic access. Madame Sophie -- who, I should mention played nosy Mrs. Huber on Desperate Housewives -- hugs a girl and utters these comforting words: "You're going to do just fine at those baton-twirling tryouts!" Hee. VMVO snits that "the dead are looking out for the shallow," but Veronica's there to communicate with a made-up "dead-before-his-time Uncle Roger," about whom she babbled to the psychic's audience accomplice. Madame Sophie asks if anyone's looking for an "R," and Veronica raises her hand like a total teacher's pet. Old habits die hard.

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