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Papa Was A Rollin' Stone...

Keith goes in to see Lamb; he explains about the voicemail, and hands Lamb a CD recording of it. He asks Lamb to send it to the acoustics lab to determine exactly what the noises are. Shockingly, Lamb doesn't see the virtue in that course of action, and Keith looks ready to spit nails. He recovers himself, distracts Lamb, and grabs the beetle bug off the desk. I'm not sure why he did that, but I'd guess he doesn't want the name "Mars" to become synonymous with "slimy." Someone has to think about these things.

Keith is awakened in the middle of the night by the phone ringing. He's happy to hear that it's Alicia, and starts to apologize for their last encounter, but stops when he hears what she has to say...

...and the next morning, he returns home and tells Veronica that Wallace didn't come home after the dance: "I need to know if you saw him last night." We cut away before Veronica can get out, "Yeah. Funny story about that..."

Wallace, in the passenger seat of a car, checks the ID on his ringing Sidekick. When he sees that it's Veronica, he lets it go to voicemail. Lucky thing for her she's not on a school bus. She tells him she screwed up, and she didn't mean to let him down: "I can't lose another friend." Well, you might have to if, as in that sentence, you can't stop making EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. We get one more look at Wallace, and the camera pans around to show that he's in Woods's SUV, with the man himself behind the wheel. I'd check into whether what Woods is doing here makes him criminally culpable, but we fade to black too quickly. (Note to editors: thanks!)

Nice job, Percy Daggs. Keep it up, assuming we see you again any time soon.

Next week: rerun. Two weeks from now: a couple of interesting guest appearances. Don't pull up stakes.

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