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Lamb and Keith are debating in front of the National League of Women Voters. Lamb says things like gang violence and street racing "bug" him, but that he's confident the voters of "Balboa County" will put him back in office. He also refers to himself as "The Exterminator," which might not seem like the moniker that conveys the most likeability. Of course, anyone who was called "Officer Fuckface" for an entire season is probably willing to take what he can get. Taking his turn, Keith says that he loves Neptune, but doesn't like the "subtle changes" that have occurred in Neptune over the last few months, such as "the growing sense of resentment, of friction, of polarization within our community." And when I think of subtle tension, the first thing that comes to mind is rumbling Little Leaguers. The moderator, who's the reporter who questioned Lamb about the bus crash at the sheriff's department, asks Lamb if he wasn't hasty in blaming Driver Ed for the crash. Lamb takes this opportunity to announce that he's just learned that Keith, back in 1989 when he was a deputy, pulled Driver Ed over for driving under the influence, but decided merely to escort him home instead of following procedure and arresting him, and that if a DUI had appeared on Driver Ed's record, the school district never would have hired him. It's a good thing this is an all-female crowd, so as to produce as much literal pearl-clutching as possible. Keith, stunned, casts about for a response, and Lamb offers him a copy of his old patrol log. Veronica looks discomfited as we go to commercial. Girl, if you want to turn this crowd's opinion, ask Lamb how he deals with teenaged rape victims.

Chez Cora. Veronica is spinning a yarn about how she spilled coffee on herself in order to get a look in Cora's closet. An NVMVO is kind enough to limit itself to four words, and then Veronica opens a garment bag to official chicken uniform from a restaurant called "Oh Boy Oh Pollo." Well, at least Veronica has a soft spot for mascots. Cora good-naturedly warns Veronica that her speedy death will ensue should she blab a word of this to anyone, and Veronica agrees that such a punishment would be entirely appropriate to the crime.

Sometime later, Veronica drops Cora back at her house with a comment that "outlet therapy is considerably better than retail therapy." I agree, even though that knowledge doesn't actually save me any money. But I take the philosophy of "spend more to save more" very seriously. Cora tells Veronica her dress is perfect. We'll judge that for ourselves, hon. Believe me. Once Cora's gone, Veronica calls Oh Boy Oh Pollo and poses as Neptune High's "Vocational Ed Coordinator" to get Cora's work schedule from the manager. Once done with that, she calls Jackie and says that Cora couldn't have stolen the card, so they're back to Square One. Nice try, Veronica, but I'm almost half done with this recap.

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