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School. Wallace is spilling his guts to Veronica, wondering how his dad could have stayed with the Chicago PD for all these years if he's so nuts. Because we've never, ever seen a whack-job cop before. Not even in movies! Veronica makes the incredibly valid point that a cop should have had an easier time tracking Wallace down, and I'll add that the fact that Alicia didn't change Wallace's given name should have helped as well. Veronica: "Your mom was right, Wallace. He had his chance, and he passed it up. Take it from someone who knows: the one who sticks with you is the one who cares." It may sound a little harsh, Wallace, but if I were discussing a subject that cost me fifty grand, I might not soften my words either.

Lamb opens a box to find Veronica's bug and a note on the Kane Software stationery wishing the "Exterminator" good luck with the election. Lamb looks pleased, and I can certainly buy that he'd think Jake Kane still resents Keith, even though I doubt that's actually the case. Moustache Cop (oh, fine, I'll call him Deputy Sacks) enters, and Lamb shows him the gift and reads him the note, saying that Jake is now in Aspen. I didn't think Jake would be allowed to leave the state while his trial is going on. But at least there's no occupational reason for Lamb to care about that, right? Sacks says something about two guys from Cliffside in the interrogation room: "You're not going to believe the story they're trying to sell." I wonder if they said they're interested in applying to be part-time receptionists. He certainly has reason to be wary of that one. Lamb puts the bug down on his desk.

Veronica's driving down the street in search of Consolidated Elemental Industries, which VMVO tells us is the first place Jackie's card was used. She pulls in to park, and across the street, we see a sign for a "Chicken Kitchen." I can't read the name above that, though, so I'm not sure if I should be looking out for Cora.

Cut to the inside of the psychic's store, which is at the address for Consolidated listed on the statement. Inside, Veronica finds a load of vanilla-scented candles, the manufacturer of which corresponds with the vendor on the statement. She bails into a commercial.

Veronica's bedroom. Jackie is petting Backup. I'm surprised he's so docile, but given their flirtation scene earlier, maybe she smells like Logan. Veronica wonders how the psychic could have gotten Jackie's card, prompting Jackie to confess that she goes to "Madame Sophie" to try to connect with the dead grandmother she mentioned earlier. Jackie says it's her "secret shame," and asks Veronica if she has one. Veronica confesses that she used an infomercial-sold cream called "Mammomax." You probably don't need me to tell you what the makers claim it does, but given Veronica's statement that she used it when she was a freshman, I'd say it does in fact work. It just takes about three years and kicks in very suddenly. Jackie stands up and says she knows how to get even: she's going on the psychic's public-access show, which she claims everyone at Neptune watches. Given that Logan and Duncan watch it later, it must air on Thursday night. As if Joey didn't have enough problems already.

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