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No, we have to visit Kim at home with her mom again. Peg tells Kim about some boring follow-up to the boring story she wrote, and I hope rents are cheap in this town, because I doubt Peg's going to get paid much for freelancing for the local supermarket's shopper's guide. Teddy shows up with a pizza and a movie, and Peg, having some experience with a different kind of movie, is only too happy to see him. However, he's there for Kim, and after an eternity, Peg makes herself scarce. Teddy's brought the director's cut of The Breakfast Club and a red rose. Aw, nice smile. Kim dorks out, as usual, and then they almost kiss, but we can't have that on the Family Channel, and then they actually have the nerve to play "Don't You Forget About Me." It's not worth the money, Simple Minds. Seriously. We get a bunch of shots of apparent new happy couples, including Kim and Teddy, Keri and Brett, Mokthar and BMS, Logan and Esmeralda, and one of the queens and the quarterback. Too bad the queen didn't talk to Mokthar first -- he'd have saved himself some disappointment. There's a barf-worthy quote from Kim about equality, and we're done. Except for me calling my cable company and blocking the ABC Family Channel so I'm never tempted to recap any of its programming again.

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