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One Hell Of A Reunion

On campus, Veronica finds Parker, who's predictably cold, despite Veronica's efforts to convince her that her endgame is to catch the rapist. Parker does tell her, though, about having met Dick at orientation and thinking that he was cute. Given the benders he was regularly on at the beginning of the season, I'm guessing he had the foresight to use breath mints. I'm surprised and impressed. Parker goes on about Dick drunkenly showing up at her room and talking to Mac. Veronica asks Parker whether she told anyone about that, but Parker says that she didn't know about it when she gave her statement to Lamb. Of course, Mac knew about it and was right there, but given that she didn't pipe up and take any of the heat off of Veronica in that scene, perhaps she'd already committed to silence as the better part of cowardice. Parker gives up one more bit of information -- that Dick chased Nancy out of the Haunted House screaming and calling her a bitch -- before flouncing off.

In a parking lot outside a restaurant or something, Keith, in his car, eavesdrops on Harmony's husband and what's-her-name via the tie microphone. As if wearing ties didn't have enough negatives as it is. They emerge, and he takes some pictures. It's amusing that he's getting to do so much photography in his reunion episode with Laura San Giacomo. Anyway, when they get to her car, what's-her-name kisses what's-his-name. Oh, come on -- does it really matter?

Veronica is sitting waiting in a hallway when Nancy appears. Nancy snits at her, but Veronica, matching her tone, asks what she was doing at a Pi Sig party. Nancy says she went with Claire because she heard there was a "grope room." Turns out that what the frats were doing in the "Boo!" room was actually using the darkness to fondle girls, so Claire and Nancy dressed up as rats and "strategically" put rat traps over their "gropable" parts. Hard to believe that Victorian England missed coming up with that one. Veronica takes that in, and then smiles and gives props to the idea. Anyway, Nancy tells Veronica she was in the room all of three seconds before Dick was caught in one of her traps, which explains the bruised hands and Dick's rage. Unfortunately, Nancy lost track of Claire after that, although she mistakenly thought she saw her later down the street from the party. So if Nancy and Claire were the only two with the traps, it seems logical to conclude that Chip hurt his hand on one of Claire's traps. Something to keep in mind, I think. Veronica asks Nancy where she thought she saw Claire.

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