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One Hell Of A Reunion

Veronica enters a convenience store as VMVO says it's where Nancy thought she saw Claire, and she's making sure she wasn't right. After ascertaining that the somewhat crusty clerk was working the night of the rape, she shows the guy a picture of Claire, and he recognizes her and says that she was so drunk she could barely stand. What's more, she came in with a guy, and while she was busy holding up his magazine rack, he was trying to find enough money to buy condoms. The clerk told him he couldn't use a credit card without spending fifteen bucks, and sent him next door to the ATM. They came back later and he made the purchase. And crusty clerk ends with, "One less bastard child conceived by morons." Aw, come on, Clerk Guy -- Charlie does turn out to be pretty cute. Veronica smiles at the guy's crustiness and information, and leaves.

And now it's time for Matt Czuchry, who plays Logan on Gilmore Girls. I certainly hope the actors took the time to compare notes on what it's like to play character named Logan on the same network who have been both hated and loved by the viewers. You have to admit that as shared experiences go, it's on the uncommon side. This Logan's a lot cuter than I expected, I will say. Anyway, GG Logan is telling VM Logan that he pestered his mom about his real dad, so she told him when he was ten that it was Haaron. The story is that she was a stewardess working first class on an L.A.-to-N.Y. redeye that Haaron took, and if your mind works anything like mine, you're wondering at precisely what altitude "Charlie" (SPOILER!) here was conceived. GG Logan says that when he was younger, he thought he wanted the Echolls lifestyle, but as he saw the things that happened to the family, he counted his blessings. He recounts the Echolls public scandals, among them Trina shooting Nicole Richie with a BB gun. Hee. The real incident was Britney Spears shooting a paparazzo with a BB gun, but the celebrity-trash concept translates, especially since it's Trina we're talking about. Anyway, GG Logan is drinking coffee or tea or something to our Logan's beer, which should have been the first clue to our Logan that something's not quite right here. GG Logan says that he has to go grade papers, and our Logan hopefully says they should hang out again sometime. GG Logan says he'd love to hear about Haaron, the bad as well as the good. It's good he qualified that so our Logan knows to schedule him for longer than two minutes. Veronica enters at that moment, and our Logan introduces her to GG Logan. Our Logan tells Veronica a little about GG Logan's job, and GG Logan adds that if he gets his papers graded, he can hit Zuma at dawn. Our Logan excitedly asks GG Logan if he surfs, and the answer is a resounding yes. Logan both heavily and happily says that they are brothers, and GG Logan pats his arm and leaves. Our Logan goes to see GG Logan to the door, and Veronica's face falls as a VMVO says she has options...

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