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One Hell Of A Reunion

...and sometime later, as the song continues, Logan, now alone, tries calling Charlie again. He gets Charlie's voicemail, and adenoidally apologizes for all the messages. You'd think that he might apologize for something else, but it is a pretty big step that the words "I'm sorry" came out of his mouth. We can fine-tune things later. He expresses his hope that the third message will be the charm, hangs up. We stay wide on his back as he walks out to the balcony. Now I know why he can't move out of this place -- Weevil's grandmother's porch isn't nearly as picturesque. Also, of course, since Logan actually knows how to find Charlie in person, perhaps this all doesn't have to be quite as tragic as it's coming off. Still, in my opinion? Best episode of the season so far.

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