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Big Dick looks at the pictures of Logan and Charisma. He asks where they came from, and Beaver agitatedly says he couldn't let Charisma do this to Big Dick, so he hired a PI. Big Dick grabs Beaver for a second, and then grabs a briefcase and start putting some files into it until someone on the intercom pipes up that "some gentlemen from the SEC" are there to see him. I suppose that means they'll be very polite and deferential as they slap on the handcuffs. Incidentally, Big Dick's reaction to the photos makes me think he didn't much care how much side action Charisma was getting. Also, it seems a little weird that he would immediately conclude that a private dick hired to take photos would figure out and expose his REIT scheme, but I suppose it's better not to take chances. Big Dick goes out to the main area and tells his employees to shred all their files, and then runs out ahead of the suits as Beaver looks on in consternation. Poor kid. And since it looks like Charisma isn't going anywhere, do you think Logan will make a good stepfather?

On the roof, Big Dick rushes into a waiting helicopter and takes off into the wild blue yonder. I'm not sure in which direction he's heading, so I'll warn Canadians and Mexicans alike: REITs are beat.

Duncan answers a knock on his door to find Veronica. He asks if she's heard about Big Dick, but she tells him that the bus crash was meant for her: "They all died because of me." Given that this is only the third episode, I don't believe that for a second. But I'll pretend not to pay attention to real-world details like that, especially given that this was a killer episode. So: DUN DUN DUN!

Next time: Mac is back! And so is the Mars Investigations set! Woo!

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