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Charisma gets out of her black convertible as VMVO talks about all the expensive things Charisma owns. As long as she's got carte blanche, Charisma might want to hire a fashion consultant, because that bright yellow skirt and multiple-animal-print brown-and-white top (a) look horrible with her skin, (b) look horrible together, and (c) look horrible in a "too trashy even for a jungle-based society" way. VMVO goes on to say that Charisma is easy to follow, although I don't quite know how Charisma's expensive tastes got Veronica access to the busy gym they're now in. "I Turn My Camera On" is playing, which works well for this scene. Charisma sits down with her gym bag and purse at a table, and someone brings her a muffin as Veronica takes up a position at what she hopes is a safe distance. I'd advise her to back up quite a bit more, since she's sporting a camera with a lens on it big enough to take pictures of Uranus. (Come on, it's been so long.) Veronica snaps some photos of Charisma chomping away, although even Veronica realizes that eating carbs probably isn't a major violation of the prenup. Veronica gets encouraged, however, when some gym-bag-toting guy shows up and joins Charisma. Veronica snaps some more pictures...

...and continues to do so outside, as Charisma and the dude get into what's presumably his car. Cut to a cheap motel, as we get a Season-2-credits shot of Veronica photographing Charisma and the dude entering one of the second-floor rooms. VMVO says she hopes Charisma likes cheap hotels, because that's all she'll be able to afford after Veronica busts her. Charisma goes to pull the curtains, and in a nice effect, the still of her goes black and white and becomes a photograph...

...which Veronica slides into an envelope as Wallace comes up and asks her what she's looking at. If she pulls out a photograph of a unicorn, I'll be really impressed. Veronica: "Just...tawdriness." Heh. She chuckles at the fact that Alicia packed Wallace a pudding cup in his lunch. I'd take that over your fruit salad in a heartbeat, Veronica, I'll admit. Wallace calls over Jackie, whom VMVO describes as the "hot, bitchy transfer from New York." Wallace asks if they've met, and Veronica nods and says she didn't realize he and Jackie were lunch buddies. Wallace: "I'm going for lunch buddies with privileges." Ah, I see -- you're trying to find a more exotic use for that pudding. Well, okay, but I wouldn't tell your mom about that. Sensing Veronica's distaste, Wallace says he likes Jackie: "Retract claws." Sorry, Wallace, but you keep the claws out for too long, they don't go back in. And let me tell you, it makes typing a bitch.

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