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Jackie sits down, and Wallace announces that she and Veronica have met. Veronica smiles: "Yes, actually..." -- Tessa Thompson makes an understated face of confusion here, and I thought I should mention it, since it's already better work than she did in all of the last episode -- "...she requested I step outside my job description at Java the Hut the other day." Ha! "Java the Hut" is awesome. Jackie easily apologizes, saying she forgot to leave the New York attitude in New York. Veronica isn't mollified, but Jackie and Wallace ignore her in favor of Jackie bitching about having to read Pride and Prejudice: "Six hundred pages of pasty white chicks catfighting over some stick-up-his-butt dude's prospects." Wallace offers her the CliffsNotes, but based on that description, I think she's already read them. Actually, I love that book, but I can't hear it mentioned now without thinking of this parodic dream sequence in Bedrooms and Hallways. If you haven't seen it, you should, because it's hilarious. And if that doesn't convince you, James Purefoy and Kevin McKidd (Mark Antony and Lucius Vorenus on Rome) have an affair, and in the dream sequence, Purefoy is Darcy. And this seems like a good time for a little break, as everyone reading has surfed over to Amazon's movie section. Okay. Jackie complains that even one page of this "pre-Victorian crap" puts her to sleep, and I hope her acting continues to improve, because sentiments like that are doing her no favors on the boards. VMVO: "All right, brother. Prepare to be helped out." Hmm, "brother" -- is Veronica implying that she thinks Keith's marriage to Alicia is a foregone conclusion? That's sweet! Just, um, don't watch the dailies from Chicago. Veronica breathes deeply and says that she and Duncan were going to rent the BBC series: "We can fast-forward through the corsets and the bitching." Well, it hardly seems worthwhile for Wallace and Jackie to come over for ten minutes. Veronica adds that Colin Firth is in it, and Wallace playfully repeats that. Jackie accepts the invitation, but she does so to Wallace instead of to Veronica, which is completely infuriating, yet will make Veronica look like a bitch if she points it out. I'm starting to buy Jackie's claim of experience a little bit more. Wallace, though, adorably winks at Veronica. Aw.

Hut. Veronica attends to some customers, and then goes over to Beaver and hands him the pictures. Beaver notes that Charisma is cold: she's cheating on Big Dick on one of his own properties. Well, I don't know that that's any worse than doing it in his living room. At least she's not using their communal shower to clean up. Beaver, however, pronounces the pictures to be insufficient, although he does bring Veronica's attention to the fact that Charisma swapped gym bags with Gym Guy, or as Beaver call him, "some cheeseball." If this is foreshadowing that Beaver is going to start helping Veronica with some of her cases, I'm all for that. Veronica says she'll get Beaver the money shot. Not literally, I hope. She hits him up for a hundred bucks for expenses, and gives him an iPod Shuffle and tells him to load Charisma's music onto it.

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