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Clash Of The Tritons

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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

For those of you that are unaware, the title of this episode is an homage to an early work of Harry Hamlin. Now tell me you ever thought you'd see that sentence in print.

School. Veronica sits in a chair in some administrative-looking area, looking bored. That's not going to last long. For any of us. VMVO tells us that "our illustrious guidance counselor has received a grant to study the long-term effects of grief in adolescents." Apparently one of the effects is UPN getting an Entertainment Weekly Top Ten-rated new show for the first time in the history of ever. VMVO goes on that Back, Show Killer! is "demanding" an audience with each of the students who were most affected by Lilly's death. Oh, dear. I see that now that the show has been given a full-season order, Rob Thomas is playing fast and loose with bringing old BSK! back into the fold. And I suppose that technically, her curse is broken, since none of the shows she killed came close to a full season. But her return still makes me more nervous than Robert Downey Jr.'s twelve-step sponsor. VMVO finishes that she was not so much going to pay attention to that demand, but then she had a thought. We don't yet get to hear what that thought is, because, to the tune of many hoots and hollers from onlookers, a bunch of guys dressed in ski masks, boots, and nothing else go streaking by outside. I can understand why that threw VMVO off. When I see a bunch of buff naked guys go running by, my internal monologue isn't something I'd want broadcast either. Except possibly for the thought, "That should happen to me WAY more often." Anyway, Veronica starts chatting up a guy next to her in glasses and an MIT sweatshirt, and with a chessboard on his lap. With the geeky glasses and general build this kid has, he looks like he could be Arthur on Six Feet Under's younger brother. I suppose, from an age-equivalency point of view, that means he should hook up with Lynn Echolls. Not to spoil you or anything, but you might want to get on that. Arthur Jr. says he can't wait to get out of Neptune, and that he got into MIT early. Dude, when you get in early, you're done with high school. Enough with the chess and guidance. And speaking of which, is this kid in line to see BSK! as well? Speaking of whom, she comes out and, in a businesslike manner, apologizes to Veronica for keeping her waiting, and invites her in. Her tone suggests she didn't make dessert this time. There are consequences of getting in the way of your dad's action.

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