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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

In the bathroom, Veronica talks to a stall. Someone inside claims to be the Great Triton. He's trying to project a grand and omnipotent vibe, but only comes off sounding like a long period of constipation is about to end. Which is entirely possible if he's one of the pledges, because drinking something containing a laxative could easily be one of the hazing rituals. You might even call it a "rite of passage." You might also be fired if you did, as I expect I now am. ["Eh. It's a hassle to replace someone halfway through the season." -- Wing Chun] Veronica, braver than I would be, opens the door and finds some blond guy sitting, fully clothed, on the toilet. He confesses that he got paid twenty bucks, as some guy asked him to help pull a prank on the guy's friends. He snaps his fingers and gives her a "Gotcha!" face, which was kind of funny. Not so funny that Veronica doesn't close the door in his face, however. She leaves.

School. Veronica retrieves the digital card from the camera. Outside, Rick finds her and panickedly tells her that the Tritons must have found out he's talked to her, since he found a rat nailed to his door the night before. Veronica tells him that she's not going to be on the hook for a huge cash settlement just because he's a scaredy-cat candy-ass. He scaredy-cats his candy ass away.

Duncan goes to see BSK! She chides him for missing three appointments, and he apologizes. He's not talking gibberish any more, and even if he were, it would probably have less to do with hazing and more to do with the prodigious size of her rack. Cut to Veronica in her car. Duncan tells BSK! that when Mommie Sneerest used to yell at him, Lilly would surreptitiously make a face that made him lose it. I've been the scoldee and the facemaker in that situation, and it's hard to say which is the more enjoyable. And before you ask, no, my mom doesn't read my recaps. I damn well hope not, anyway. Duncan says that it's like Lilly is still watching him, making that face. He can feel her there all the time. BSK! puts on her best scholarly "Hmm, very interesting" face while involuntarily poking away at the "Security" button she wishes was on the underside of her desk. Duncan notes that he sounds like a psycho, but BSK! doesn't agree. Duncan confesses that he's been feeling this way ever since he stopped taking his meds. So how come we haven't seen more of Amanda Seyfried on the show? BSK! asks if he's had any episodes, and Duncan clarifies that he's just off the antidepressants, but thathe's still taking "the old standbys." VMVO wonders what this all means. It means that you may have a tarp over you right now, Veronica, but you were still far more in the dark a year ago. BSK! tells Duncan that the antidepressants may have interfered with his ability to process Lilly's death. Duncan looks skeptical, and offers the possibility that Lilly's mad that he doesn't remember. BSK! looks alarmed as Duncan says that from soccer practice on the morning of Lilly's death until three days later, he doesn't remember anything. And that means that Teddy Dunn's acting in the pilot when Lilly's body was discovered was far more skilled than it seemed at the time. Well Dunn. Before Veronica can take that in, however, there's a rap at the door. She impatiently wonders if Wallace forgot the secret knock. What she forgot is that Wallace has been on his game this episode. And indeed, it's a bunch of boys in robes and hoods, who reach in and grab Veronica. That was very cool -- it's nice to acknowledge that Veronica's nosiness can get her into physical peril. Always take Backup!

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