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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

Veronica comes to in the trunk of her car. She calls Wallace, and the presence of her cell phone is kind of a clue that her assailants weren't the most threatening. This is confirmed by a shot of the key in the trunk lock, so apparently they planned for her to call and have someone get her out, although they miscalculated how long it would take her. And it isn't clear how long that is, but sometime later, Wallace shows up, and Veronica stiffly gets out of the trunk and thanks him. She gets into the car and says she has to track Duncan to figure out where the Tritons are meeting, but when she turns the ignition key, she hears chanting coming over W-STAPLE. Inside, she sneaks through the hallways and comes upon the six gold-robed pledges on their knees. I'd make a joke, but she's about to do it for me. The six seniors are in dark green robes, and one of them, holding a conch, tells them they passed the "great Triton test." He tells them that they can look upon the other pledges as their brothers. I think the bond's already pretty strong. It's hard to go back to being just friends once you've all sailed your genitals on the same breeze. Everyone pulls off their hoods, and one of the senior members is MIT Chess Geek, while one of the juniors is, of course, Duncan. Veronica pops out with her big camera and smiles, "Hi everybody! Say repressed homosexuality!" Ha! She runs, and the Tritons chase her. As some posters pointed out, she runs a pretty long way, and it's unlikely that some of the boys wouldn't have caught her, particularly soccer-playing Duncan. But she runs right up the back of her convertible and jumps in the passenger seat, and Wallace peels out of the lot. The Tritons throw their hands up all, "Well, we're busted. Anyone for one last circle jerk before we disband?"

Veronica and Wallace return to her house, psyched about their getaway. Veronica goes to see who opened locker 110.

Much later, Wallace is napping as Veronica discovers that no one opened the locker. She wonders how the person could have gotten Wallace's money or his name. Wallace: "Veronica, I'm still here, you know?" Hee, especially if that's the writers poking fun at the VMVOs. I didn't want to be the only one. She notes that 110 is a top locker. I thought the odd lockers were always on top, but whatever. Veronica: "I know how it went down." Wallace: "Great. Can I go home?" Yes, Wallace, you're done here. And good work.

Mars Investigations. Keith thanks Haaron for stopping by. Haaron says he had to be at school at 9 for Logan's disciplinary meeting. Keith tells him he found out who's been leaking the pictures: "You're not gonna like it." I don't know about that, Keith. I saw him smiling pretty orgasmically in the accessories section of Brooks Brothers not too long ago.

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