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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

Veronica brings donuts to Officer Fuckface: "I thought for a change, you might be interested in having a real criminal stand trial." Well, okay, but I don't have much faith in California juries. We'll see what happens with Michael Jackson. Veronica hands Fuckface a yearbook and an envelope, and tells him that all he has to do is pick anyone's name in the yearbook, have one of his "minions" drop an envelope with the name and $250 in locker 110, and by that afternoon, the kid will have an ID, and Fuckface will have his man: "And I'll be sittin' over here, chillin' like a villain." Fuckface obediently plays along. Keep it up, Fuckface, and I might give you a better nickname. How does "Backup 3.0" grab you? When Fuckface is gone, Veronica calls Rick and tells him to come down to the sheriff's office that afternoon, as she found out who the Tritons are. Oh, Rick, you're not the smartest, are you? But I guess we knew that, with the Tritons spurning you and all. Oh, sorry. Too soon?

Lynn and Logan are waiting outside Clemmons's office when Haaron shows up. He asks Lynn what the plan was -- sweeten up the divorce settlement, or "turn [him] into Costner?" Dude. The Postman doesn't ring twice. And even atheists can thank God for that. Lynn bites out: "Did it ever occur to you I just want to hurt you like you've hurt me?" Logan sarcastically asks if he's going to live with "Grandma," but the hurt gets through the sarcasm a little. Haaron snarls that if Lynn tries to divorce him, he'll leave her with nothing. I thought California had a little thing called "common-law marriage," but given certain recent developments, my interest in becoming an expert on the subject has waned considerably. Haaron starts to detail all the ways he'll ruin Lynn, but Logan interjects that if Haaron says another word, Logan will kill him. Haaron looks intimidated, apparently a believer in the saying "Like father, like son." Lynn says she can't take any more of this, and stalks off. After a beat, Haaron gets up as well. And either Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have had some marital strife they can channel, or they're better actors than I thought. Also, I wasn't sure about this stuntcasting, but the three episodes these two have been in have been some of the best of the series so far, and the Echolls family is shaping up to be far more interesting than I would have originally guessed. Lynn marches out to her car (which bears the license plate "Echolls2"), gets in, and pops some pills. Given what's about to happen, I'm starting to sense a "drugs are bad" message here. Given my obvious like of the show, I'm going to ignore said message. A Vicodin would really help with that.

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