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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

It's Weevil's turn in BSK!'s office. He claims not to remember the week Lilly died. Sorry, kid, but there's only one allotment of that excuse around here, and priority is going to have to go to the pill-popping brother whom we've seen acting loopier than Farrah Fawcett on a Tilt-a-Whirl. BSK! calls Weevil on his bullshit, saying she remembers how angry he was. He tells her he was upset because a little girl in his neighborhood disappeared at the same time Lilly did, and there was nowhere near the investigation in her case. Considering that BSK! takes the time to give us the girl's name, "Marisol Reyes," many of the forum posters think she may end up being important in some way. Of course, many of the posters think that just about everyone on this show is related. I'm not judging -- I'm just saying that's gross.

As the conversation continues, we see that Veronica is hearing it on her radio through a transmission from the stapler she planted. Boy, Veronica, with your spying abilities, maybe you should take over for Sydney Bristow. You've got the requisite family troubles, they take social misfits, and you'd get to sleep with Michael Vartan. On second thought, stay where you are -- I'll take over for Sydney Bristow. BSK! reads Weevil a letter he apparently wrote to Lilly, saying that "what they had" may have meant nothing to her, but it tore his heart out. Many people, despite these words, seem to think there's still a possibility that Weevil and Lilly are related. I will simply stand behind Occam's Razor, and furthermore opine that if William of Occam had a sister, he never wrote her a letter like that. Weevil's offended that BSK! has that letter, but it's because Lilly was "having trouble" with a boy in gym class, and Lilly gave BSK! the letter to prove it. If BSK! put it together that it was Weevil just from his reaction after Lilly died, she's not a bad sleuth herself. Maybe Veronica shouldn't have been so dismissive of her as a possible stepmother. Weevil emotionally says he never would have hurt Lilly, as Veronica is floored about "Lilly and Weevil?" Weevil explains that Lilly and Logan had just broken up, and Lilly swore she wouldn't go back to him, but she did, and what's more, afterward she acted like she and Weevil didn't even know each other. Weevil, starting to cry, goes on that he could have loved Lilly, and he knows she felt the same way. Okay, seriously, I can't believe anyone could think he's talking about her as a sister here. If he said he loved her, I could see the ambiguity. But "could have loved" has to at least partially be referring to the horizontal sense. VMVO: "Why didn't Lilly tell me about him? Was Weevil her big secret?" Well, I certainly hope so. If that's her small secret, she must have been leading one hell of a double life. Which, given her similarities to Laura Palmer, is entirely possible. But if that's true, they'd damn well better do a better job on the prequel. I have no desire to see Lilly Kane: Pretentious And Boring Crap Walk With Me.

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