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Clash Of The Tritons

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Hey, You Can Spell "Triton" Without "Trite"!

Outside tables. Rick gets a call on his cell from Veronica: "Back parking lot, fourth row." Well, it's about time she lived up to her reputation. Rick gets to the row in question and asks where she is. After confirming that no one's watching Rick, she opens her car door, revealing that she'd covered her car with a blue tarp. I guess we know now how they filmed all those flashbacks. Well, anything to keep the production values down. Veronica tells Rick, "Slide on in." Huh. I guess the radio signal she's getting from the stapler is interfering with her double entendre detector. Veronica asks who framed her, and Rick tells her that they're called the Tritons, which is a secret society that's as old as the school. Six male juniors are chosen each year by the six male seniors, and Rick and Coma Friend were among the pledges. He adds that no one even knows who the seniors are, prompting Veronica to ask who invited him to pledge. Rick flashes back to finding a note in his locker. Back in the present, he tells Veronica that the bar incident was all hazing -- "the twelve labors." You know, I have to ask -- do we really need secret societies anymore? What do they do? Because at this point, the electric car isn't going anywhere (not with Ed Begley Jr. as an enthusiastic supporter), and these days, not even the Freemasons could make Steve Guttenberg a star. Anyway, Rick found an ID in his locker and a note saying that he and Tim had to drink a shot at each of twelve different bars, but Tim passed out after the eleventh, whereupon Rick took him to the hospital. Rick goes on to say that his dad was a Triton, as were his two older brothers. Back in the past, in the room we first saw him in, Rick flashes to getting a note with the seal of the Tritons, telling him to blame Veronica. That would be a catchy tune if her name were only one syllable shorter. I'm going to arbitrarily blame our neighbors to the North for not naming their country "Canarctica." Rick trembles that if anyone finds out he spilled the Tritons' secrets, he'd be "better off in jail. These guys will destroy your life -- it's their mission statement." Veronica points out that Rick's excuse for his behavior is poor, and he agrees, but he wants the Tritons to pay. Considering the zip code in which they're likely to live, I just bet he does. Veronica asks who the other pledges are, and Rick tells her that the Tritons choose the best guys at everything -- academics and sports, for example. He rattles off names, and Duncan is one of them. So they also choose guys based on large pecs and the ability to, at times, closely resemble a block of wood. One would think they'd have a lot more pledges, then.

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