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Skank Side Story

Chez Navarro. Apparently Chardo gave the grandmother a pendant he bought with the credit card, so Veronica is grilling her about why she's letting Weevil take the fall for him. The grandmother explains that Weevil is still a juvie, but that Chardo's not, plus he has a record, so she'd rather see Weevil do four months of juvie than see Chardo go to jail. Well, it sounds like someone else should have a say in that decision. Perhaps someone who rides a motorcycle and whose name rhymes with "Jeevil." No, not Evel Knievel. Sigh. Veronica plays her trump card, saying that Chardo spent all those thousands of dollars taking out a "spoiled, rich white girl." Considering how high the grandmother's eyebrows go at that news, I'd imagine she'd make a great Vulcan. Veronica identifies the white girl as Caitlin, and the grandma's like, "Oh, no, not her. She doesn't like her ice cubes made with tap water." Yeah, and you'd think she wasn't the pickiest about germs, if you take my meaning. (And if not, I'll keep giving it.) Veronica asks if it was worth losing her job and Weevil's being in jail for Chardo to take Caitlin out in style. Vulcan Grandma: "Let me see those receipts." Hee. Don't worry, Chardo, I'm sure she'll wait for you. (Hee! As if! She'll have gotten laid before he does. Oz-style, if you take...oh, forget it.

Weevil gets out of a squad car. His grandma hugs him, and then he sees Veronica. They approach each other, and he tells her he hears she's to thank for his release. He growls, "Gimme some love," and they hug. Oh, my. It's too bad the kids on Joan of Arcadia have moved on to physics, because these two could have taught them a little something about chemistry. Veronica warns Weevil that a warrant was issued for Chardo's arrest, and what's more, Logan and the oh-niners are looking for him too, so Weevil might want to track him down first. Weevil assures her, "We'll find him." And buy him a pony, I'd imagine.

Chardo calls Caitlin, apparently from in front of her house. He tells her that it's time to go, and that it's what they talked about. She looks out the window and sees him, and he asks if everything's okay. From off-screen, several of the oh-niners appear. Geez, a simple "no" would have sufficed. Chardo backs up toward his bike, but Logan and several more rich boys arrive in a Jeep. Logan says that it's the "bad apple" who thought he could steal his girl. Chardo snarks back that he already did, and Logan decks him for his trouble. With Chardo on his back, head on the sidewalk, Logan steps on his chest, and this is getting a little too American History X for comfort. Although a couple people on the forums think Jason Dohring looks like Edward Norton, so maybe that's what they were going for. Anyway, Vin and the Diesels appear on the scene and even the odds. Logan tells a henchtrustfund to hold Chardo. There's a shot of Hilton looking out the window at the scene. I know I used this on the show page, but it really is Skank Side Story. Logan's expecting a rumble, but Weevil just wants to talk. They have a brief conference that we don't get to hear, although it sounds like it ends with Logan saying, "All right, you'd better," which makes sense given what's to come. Anyway, Logan orders his henchtrustfund to let Chardo go. Everyone breaks up as Chardo looks up at Caitlin balefully. I can't believe no one even thought to propose a three-way. I'm not sure any of the parties wouldn't at least have considered it.

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