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Beach. Chardo's thanking the bikers. He tries to do the same to Weevil, but Weevil's all, "You're out." Chardo, I'd get away from the water. You don't want to be near a rowboat right now. Weevil goes on to say that Chardo's out of the club and out of his life. "And you know what that means." Rowboat. Weevil walks off as the gang encircles Chardo. They start pummeling him as Weevil instructs Felix to call them off "before they go too far." Felix agrees, and then goes to join in. As pointed out on the forums, it looks like the show hasn't filled its stunt coordinator position, since some of the guys' punches aren't even landing in the same zip code as Chardo. Hee. Also, they are out in the open here. Considering that Officer Fuckface showed up here to bust up the party, I'd think they wouldn't want to do this in daylight. Anyway, Weevil rides off into the sunset.

Veronica asks her dad for more information about why he went after Jake Kane. Her dad soberly tells her that he doesn't want to preoccupy her with thoughts of Lilly's death, and what's more, if he'd known what would happen -- Lianne's leaving, Veronica's social ostracization -- he wouldn't have done what he did. I wish he wouldn't do what he's doing now, which is leaning in a little close. None of these scenes have been in the DaddyStopTouchingMe vein, and yet they're a little too close for comfort. It's distracting. Good scene otherwise, though. Colantoni was much better this week, I think. It's encouraging.

Veronica walks outside, presumably the next day, as VMVO tells us that a couple of weeks before Lilly was murdered, Veronica and Lilly sneaked into the back room of the sheriff's department and made themselves fake IDs. Sweet. Veronica had them sent to her house, but they arrived after Lilly was dead. She should have tossed Lilly's into the casket, so she could go clubbing in the afterlife. Hey, eternity's a long time -- you don't want to be bored. But no, Veronica stuck them in a drawer and forgot about them until the officer mentioned the October 3rd moving violation. VMVO goes on to say that most people who work on Sunday in the sheriff's department are new, so they don't remember her. I feel like we're supposed to know why they're new, but I don't. It's been a long recap, and I haven't even started on The Mountain yet. Be nice to me. Veronica tells the perky, young, non-German woman -- who looks like a slightly older Mageina Tovah -- behind the desk that her insurance company called and told her she has an outstanding ticket, and hands over the license number and an ID that's presumably Lilly's. This is a little contrived, here. Veronica might have been able to pass for Lilly when she had long hair, but now? No way. Officer Fuckface appears to hassle Veronica a bit, but she says she's just paying off a ticket, and then asks if he's had any luck finding Chardo: "You should talk to my dad. He's really good at that sort of thing." Hee. Officer Fuckface goes into his office as the woman comes back and smilingly hands Veronica a printout and tells her that, unfortunately, the ticket has to be paid. Veronica rushes out as she says she'll mail in the payment, but the woman behind the desk calls her "Miss Kane," which Officer Fuckface hears.

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