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Hey, the sleazy lawyer is back! He's representing Weevil's grandmother, "Mrs. Navarro." I'd make a Dave Navarro joke, but he's sort of done the work for me, you know? We're in Keith's private office for the first time, and Sleazy Lawyer tells him that the credit-card charges -- videogames, Magic Mountain tickets, motorcycle gear -- aren't exactly consistent with the grandmother's tastes, nor does the idea of her committing theft after ten years of service to the Echols family quite add up. Keith and Sleazy Lawyer both think Weevil is the clear culprit, and it's not clear why the cousin wouldn't be a suspect as well, but maybe he doesn't live with the grandmother, so it didn't occur to them. Veronica suggests that Weevil might have been set up, although she admits he helped Veronica "out of a jam" recently. Sleazy Lawyer, half-rolling his eyes: "I'm sure he's a real mensch." Hee! I like Sleazy Lawyer. I need a better name for him. Keith makes a suggestion by calling him "Cliff." Well, that's shorter, anyway. Cliff leaves, and Keith asks Veronica to "take point" on this, as she goes to school with Weevil and he's working on something else anyway. His acting, judging from his performance this week. Veronica agrees. Tough decision there.

Veronica pulls up to Weevil's house. We get our first VMVO of the episode: "The trouble with befriending the leader of a motorcycle gang is that at the end of the day, he's still the leader of a motorcycle gang." Well, I could have waited longer. She's checking out his motorcycle when Weevil's voice rings out, "I've hospitalized people for less than what you're doing right now." Veronica evenly says she's just following up on his grandmother's case, and points out that with his reputation, Weevil can't blame people for thinking he did it. I suppose she's got a point, given that his own grandmother would have pointed the finger at him if she hadn't been handcuffed. However, Weevil snarks, "My reputation? Oh, well, then, I guess what everyone says about you is true too, huh? That you like it a little freaky, dontcha? That you spy on Duncan Kane? That you send him pictures of yourself?" Oof. Weevil goes on to say that Veronica thinks she's a big outsider, but really she's still one of them. She...sells Amway? He tells her to leave, and then does so himself. Whew! Long teaser.

Credits. Sydney Tamiia Poitier is on the show, apparently. The credits aren't bad, but I have an issue with using the Dandy Warhols' song "We Used To Be Friends" for the theme song. Couldn't they have picked a tune that the forum posters like?

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