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Skank Side Story

Diner. Veronica and Keith sit in a booth. Keith protests Veronica's wearing a hat at the table. She's a little incredulous, but this is my first moment of genuinely liking her dad. It's always reassuring to be reminded that, deep down, all dads are about a hundred and fifty years old. Their pleasant, hat-free meal is interrupted by the arrival of Officer Fuckface, who plops down next to Veronica. In keeping with Keith's penchant for manners, the lawmen pass the snark. Keith notes that it's not the greatest time to be sheriff, since there's a killer on the loose, whose picture we see in a close-up of what looks like the Neptune Registry. The man in question had been arrested for manslaughter and denied bail, but he broke out of the back window of a police cruiser and escaped on foot. And they can't even blame it on the fact that the officer in the front seat was distracted by the blowjob he was getting at the time. They go back and forth until Fuckface brings up the fact that October 3rd is the anniversary of Lilly (yes, apparently it's Lilly Kane, and for that matter, Lianne Mars) Kane's death, and that Keith should celebrate by dressing up as a sheriff and arresting a poor raving father. Keith shoots back that the way Fuckface "solved" the case was through an anonymous tipster who didn't show up to claim the $100,000 reward. Well, I'm on your side here, Keith, but in a town with this much money, that's hardly damning evidence. Fuckface bites out that an eyewitness and phone records put Jake Kane nowhere near the house at the time of Lilly's murder; in fact, all the Kanes were accounted for. Keith smiles an I Know Something You Don't smile, but says nothing. Satisfied that he's won the argument, Fuckface leaves. Veronica tells him, "Smell ya later," which, while more recent than the Wizard Of Oz references, is barely more appropriate. Keith makes fun of her, and that's his second point. Veronica exposits that she has to meet with a guidance counselor at school, and leaves. Presumably to ask said counselor why she gave up boinking Jason Ritter.

Guidance office. Veronica enters, and Icetwin totally checks her out. He affects a British accent and says something about giving him a smile. Word of advice, Icetwin: the chicks aren't as impressed by the British accent if it sounds like you've got marbles in your mouth. Veronica does, however, smile, and she's really dialed back the hard edge this week. There are a lot of subtle changes in tone in this episode, and I wonder how much time they had to rework certain aspects of the show between the pilot and this. Anyway, Icetwin's name is called, so he goes away as Wallace enters. He tells Veronica that some class he signed up for got canceled, so he's working in the guidance office now. Veronica looks at him with the equivalent of cartoon dollar signs in her eyes as she realizes how useful he could be to her. Which means that he's already graduated from the Pete role. She gets him to agree to copy Weevil's attendance records for the past month while establishing for us that Wallace isn't James Bond. Thanks for that. Veronica leaves, and Wallace smiles after her. Aw. He likes her! Too bad about the not being James Bond thing, because he doesn't have a chance in hell.

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