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Veronica's next stop is "Miss Dent," played by the in-the-credits- but-heretofore-unseen Sydney Tamiia Poitier. As I said before, I was wondering why she gave up shtupping Jason Ritter, but I'm pleased to say that coming to this show is a good enough reason. Barely, though. Veronica -- with a bright but not sarcastic or bitter smile -- says that the guidance counselor tells her she's "disconnected and passionless." Well, anyone who thinks that about Veronica would have to be disconnected and passionless herself. In fact, to be that far off, she'd have to be a high-school guidance counselor...hey, look what they did there! Paris Hilton interrupts, calling Miss Dent's name, and Miss Dent holds her response of "Caitlin?" long enough to convey distaste. Promising start, Sydney. Then again, she probably didn't have to dig too deep for that particular reaction. Caitlin says she's going to the gym to interview some people for some story, and Miss Dent admonishes her not just to interview her friends. Well, that won't be a problem soon enough. And it couldn't happen to a...okay which word is more ludicrous: "nicer" or "girl"? Anyway, Caitlin skanks off, and Miss Dent welcomes Veronica to "newspaper class," which, okay, if they're going to make Sydney Tamiia Poitier a journalism major again, then they've got to get Jason Ritter on for an episode as her love interest. It's only fair! To me! Veronica asks if she could just take pictures, and Miss Dent agrees to start her doing that.

Cut to Miss Dent taking a small old camera out of a locker. She starts to give Veronica some tips, but before she can get very far, Veronica produces her own camera from her bag, and let's just say that it's enough to cause in Miss Dent the photographic equivalent of locker-room envy. Veronica babbles about ground-level macro shooting and optical zooms and jpeg files. Miss Dent: "And when it's dark outside, you should use a flash." Hee. They both laugh, and Miss Dent gives Veronica her first assignment, which is to photograph, the next day, some surfer from Neptune High that they're doing a feature on. Miss Dent introduces Veronica to the guy who's writing the story: Duncan Kane. You know, Wing Chun has a great response in situations like this. You look at the floor, cut your voice to an almost inaudible level, and whisper, "Awkward." Try it the next time your co-worker gets busted for sleeping with the boss's wife. Not that that's ever happened at, that I know of. Awkward. ["I thought you said you could keep a secret!" -- Wing Chun] Miss Dent says they can get a ride with the surfer kid's parents, but Duncan and Veronica each pipe up that they can drive. Heh. Miss Dent -- a little nonplussed and, I think, picking up on the vibe a little bit -- covers a hasty exit with a weak joke about the oil crisis. Veronica looks over at the doorway, and Wallace is waving what must be Weevil's attendance records at her. Dude, a little stealth, there. There's a wide range between being "not James Bond" and being a character on Scooby-Doo. Although I have a feeling that soon the Gang will be all here.

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