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Skank Side Story

Veronica pores over the records at a table outside. She notes that half of the credit-card purchases were made online, and out of those, the ones made on school days were during fourth period. Wallace interrupts to remind Veronica that Weevil duct-taped him "butt nekkid" to a flagpole the week before. So there's the answer to the question of whether Weevil left Wallace's underwear on. A question I now wish I hadn't asked, much like when I asked Sars this past summer if there were any fall shows she needed recapped. I'm sorry, I'll shut up about that. But really have you seen The Mountain? Oh, right. Hee hee. I crack myself up sometimes. Wallace also tells her that she's welcome for the records, to which she grins, "Wallace, King Kong ain't got nothin' on you!" Wallace's snippy mood completely dissipates with the pop-culture reference. It's possible I can relate. Veronica gets back to the point, which is that Weevil was in auto shop class when seven of the purchases were made, so it doesn't make any sense that he did it. Wallace looks like he's following her logic. I'm not too sure about his acting yet, so I don't want to make any promises.

Veronica bustles into her dad's office and starts telling her dad and Cliff what she found. Her balloon gets burst, however, when Cliff tells her that Weevil (whose real name is Eli, by the way) confessed to the crime. Veronica stares at her dad, but he just makes a "that's the way it goes" hand gesture. Eh. Give me something to work with here, Colantoni.

Computer lab, apparently the next day, since Veronica's going with a whole new hairdo -- sort of teased and loose around the shoulders. Coincidence, since she's going to be on assignment with her ex-boyfriend? I think not. Logan and Caitlin are talking loudly and obnoxiously about his family's housekeeping situation. Veronica just as loudly pipes up that 90% of identity fraud is committed by family members of the victim. I always knew my sister looked a little shady. Caitlin -- going for snarky and failing spectacularly -- tells Veronica that no one cares what she thinks: "Not since you stabbed all your friends in the back." Well, that's quite a take on it. You know, it's interesting that Paris is supposed to have been friends with this group for a while. You'd think she could have gotten Jake Kane to help her with the quality of her videos. She seems to like the color pink, by the way. Anyway, Veronica and Logan snark at each other in the way it should be done, and then Veronica takes advantage of Paris's stupidity to get her to confirm that she and Logan have computer lab fourth period. Hee. Matching those two up intellectually is like putting The Rock in a steel cage with the Little Man From Another Place.

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