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Skank Side Story

Outside, Wallace finds Veronica at their table. Veronica says she printed out the entire browser history from Logan's computer during his classes. Well, okay. Apparently the only thing he's guilty of is wanting to see Alyssa Milano naked. Between Paris and Alyssa here, I guess Logan is living proof of the old saying: "Once you go skank, you never go back." Veronica notices, however, that Logan visited the "Neptune Grand"'s website, and that there's a charge on the card for the honeymoon suite. Wallace has given up the ghost of trying to look like he's following along. I didn't really buy it anyway.

Veronica goes to her car -- which, by the way, is a LeBaron convertible. Not exactly millionaire, but not exactly wrong side of the tracks, either. She's chagrined to discover that she's got a flat, and then looks up to see Logan right by her. He's like, "Bummer," and walks away. Dude, we know she's got a switchblade. I think you're begging for trouble. Icetwin appears and is like, "Flat?" Veronica: "Just as God made me." Hee. That line's too perfect, but I appreciate the crispness of the dialogue and the delivery. She frustratedly tells Icetwin that she's supposed to be taking photos in Gold Coast in half an hour, and that this is her second "mysterious" flat since school started. Icetwin offers to help, and introduces himself. Veronica follows suit, and he's obviously familiar with her name. He laughs that he should never listen to "those guys," indicating Logan and his crew, and then he mumbles something that Veronica finds amusing, but I don' t have closed captioning, and I don't really care what another generic-looking rich boy has to say. Caitlin pulls up to Logan on a big, bulky pink scooter. Blech. I guess pink is the new skank. She exposits that it's new, and then notices that Icetwin is talking to Veronica, and wonders if anyone's "told him." Honey, maybe you should worry what people are saying about you. I'd like to know how much bandwidth has been devoted to calling you a whore. Or, you know, to you proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Duncan arrives on the scene, and asks Veronica if she needs a ride. She's sort of speechless for the first time that we've seen, but Icetwin says he'll finish with her tire and drop the tools back in her trunk and close it. Duncan thanks him, and Veronica hesitantly but hopefully follows him to his car...

...and they're driving. In silence. Okay, get ready...set...awkward. See? It's fun. VMVO says she should have walked rather than bear the awkward silence, and that in five seconds, she's going to do a Charlie's Angels roll right out of the car. Heh. And this is a good use of the VMVO -- up until now, Veronica's been extremely self-assured, so it's nice to be let in on the fact that she's sort of quaking in her boots. Anyway, before she pulls a Jaclyn Smith, Duncan says he loves the song playing on the radio. Veronica agrees, and we're suddenly pulled into a flashback, where Long-Haired Veronica is in the passenger seat, but it's Lilly who's driving. A little talk about the pep squad is followed by exposition that Lilly's got boys falling at her feet. Well, she's not nearly as pretty as Veronica, but her dad is Jake Kane. I'm sure a bunch of them would switch teams for him even if he weren't played by Kyle Secor, whom many of the forum dwellers seem to...appreciate. Veronica tells Lilly that all Lilly's mom ever says to her is to ask her if she shouldn't be getting home. We learn that Veronica and Duncan are still going out at this point, but Lilly advises caution: "Watch her. She'll break the two of you up if she can." Hmm. Very interesting. Veronica looks all, "Don't I have to be married before I get a mother-in-law?" No, dear, you don't. Trust me. Back in the present, Veronica notices a bunch of orange jumpsuits picking up trash on the side of the road. One of them, of course, is Weevil. Come on, music people. You couldn't have gotten "Back On The Chain Gang"?

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