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Skank Side Story

Beach. Duncan's interviewing the surfer dude as Veronica takes pictures. They finish up, and exchange a few words we don't hear, during which Veronica smiles sort of hopefully. It's endearing, and shows a whole other side to her character from what we saw in the pilot.

Cut to Duncan and Veronica in the night? I thought they were supposed to be there for the interview at 3. Anyway, the awkward silence seems to have returned with a vengeance, but it's broken by a police siren. Duncan pulls over, and a member of the sheriff's department we haven't seen before walks up and asks Duncan for his license and registration. Upon receiving them, he asks Duncan and Veronica to step out of the car. Apparently, there's an impound notice on the vehicle -- a bunch of parking tickets and a moving violation. And did I forget to mention that the last took place on October 3rd? Yeah. In two separate earlier scenes where the focus was on something else entirely, the writers managed seamlessly to toss in the date of Lilly's murder and the fact that this was her car, so we can immediately appreciate the significance of the look that Duncan and Veronica exchange. Props, writers. King Kong ain't got nothin' on you.

Cut to Duncan, telling someone on the phone what happened. His lack of affect about the whole thing is a little strange, but I don't know yet whether to attribute it to the character or the actor. Veronica's also on the phone, presumably with her dad. They both hang up and look warily at each other.

Sometime later, Jake Kane arrives on the scene and asks the attending officer whether he's called the situation in to the sheriff. Upon hearing a negative, he suggests that he do so. Jake's the E.F. Hutton of the naughts. He walks over to Duncan, but stops short when he sees Veronica. They greet each other civilly. I know you want to say it, but wait just a minute. Wait for it...wait for it...Keith arrives at the scene. Now let it out: Awkward. Keith gives Veronica a hug, and everyone regards each other awkwardly. VMVO: "The last time my dad and Jake Kane were in the same place at the same time was in a sheriff's department interrogation room." And we are there, too, in blue streaky light, as VMVO goes on to say that when Jake finished his story, Keith told him that he was sure he was involved in his daughter's death.

Cut to outside the sheriff's building, where Jake is standing with his arm around Duncan in front of reporters. VMVO tells us that Jake gave a sob story to the press about how much he missed Lilly and how he was wrongfully accused. Meanwhile, Duncan's standing there like Jake's got a knife held against his back. "No sudden moves, son. Smile for the cameras." VMVO tells us that the town ran her dad out of office, as we see Keith carrying a just-cleaned-out-the-desk box of stuff. He hugs Inga as Officer Fuckface looks on uncaringly. VMVO goes on to say that her friends gave her the choice to stand by her father or to stand by Duncan and his family. Big of them. You know, I really want to know when Duncan broke up with Veronica; whether they were going out or not at the time of the murder changes the dynamic of the situation a lot, and it's getting a little distracting not to know. Hey, look at me, caring about a UPN show! This is a special kind of shame. I'd join a support group, but calling Keckler and me a "group" is a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, VMVO concludes by saying that she chose her dad, and that she lives with that decision every day.

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