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Skank Side Story

Back in the present, VMVO tells us, "And you want to know the kicker? I don't even know what's true anymore." She wonders if she gave up her life over an error in her dad's judgment. Veronica and Keith walk to their car as the attending officer smilingly apologizes to "Mr. Kane," saying he had no idea. He had no idea who Jake Kane is and what he looks like? Was he one of the O.J. jurors? (Actually, if Keith was right about Lilly Kane, there might be some more work for that jury soon.)

In the car, Keith asks Veronica if she and Duncan are "hanging out" again. Is that what the deposed sheriffs are calling it these days? VMVO snippily says that she'll tell him that if he'll tell her why he went after Jake Kane when the whole town adored him. Don't voice-over to your father that way, missy! Keith repeats the question, but Veronica explains that it was just for a school assignment. She asks him if they can stop by the Neptune Grand for Weevil's case. Keith: "Isn't that already solved? I thought they had the confessed criminal in jail." Veronica shoots him a look like, "Would you care to say that again while actually listening to yourself?" Grasping the meaning shooting out of her eyes like beams of death, he sighs and asks what she needs him to do. Veronica smiles.

Holding Veronica's hand, Keith marches up to the hotel reception desk and demands to speak to someone in security. "RIGHT NOW!" The woman behind the desk jumps. Veronica tells him to calm down, and that she'll handle it. I actually like Colantoni in this scene -- he's doing bad acting well, if you know what I mean, and the result is kind of amusing. Veronica tells the woman behind the desk that she came in there a month ago with a guy. "Long story short, I'm pregnant." The woman's like, "Okaaaay?" I think what you meant to say was "awkward." Veronica says that she doesn't remember the guy's name or what he looks like: "Tequila? Never again!" And I'd say something, but frankly, making a joke about either of those things...well, let's just say that there's not a cloud in the sky today, and I'd still expect to get struck down by a deluxe bolt of lightning. Twice. Veronica says that her dad's wondering if there's a surveillance video they could look at, and forks over the credit-card bill: "He had me pay for the room." So she's trying to pass herself off as a Navarro? I'd complain, but I imagine the only thing going through the desk woman's mind is "Get me the HELL out of here," so I'd imagine she's not going to be paying much attention to detail. Sure enough, the clerk says she's going to go talk to her manager. When she's gone, Keith and Veronica banter about good cops and bad cops, and it's kind of cute. Cut to the woman back at the desk. She tells them that they only keep video surveillance for two weeks. Veronica hilariously fake-cries at that news, but the woman goes on that she got her detailed bill summary. Veronica sunnily thanks her, and if I'm the woman, here's about where I know I've been had. As they leave, Veronica informs Keith that Caitlin signed for room service in the hotel. Uch. I hope the chambermaid got a nice tip, there. Cleaning up Hilton skank sounds like a lot of elbow grease and ammonia, you know?

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