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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

Outside, Wallace finds Veronica and snags her cake. She then hands him a scrapbook of his Chicago basketball results. His face falls, so either that brings back a bad memory, or the cake is really dry. Wallace says that his teammate, Rashard Rucker, is the best high-school player in the nation. Before Christmas, Wallace and Rashard and a couple of guys from the team went to a house party, and on the way back, Rashard, who'd had a few beers, hit a "wino," and although Wallace told him to stop, Rashard panicked and drove to his uncle's. His uncle, who's also his agent and manager, said they should keep their mouths shut, but the guilt drove Wallace to come back home. Veronica says that he could have told her, and she's taking an awfully understanding position here considering that you could interpret Wallace's statement as meaning "If my friend could hold his liquor, you would probably never have seen my skinny ass again." Maybe it's because at the moment, she has whiter fish to fry. Wallace says he couldn't tell Veronica because she would have done the right thing. Veronica's too distracted even to flinch.

Cut to Veronica's phone ringing. It's Duncan, whom she counsels to turn himself in. She walks over to a bulletin board, and tacked up on it, you can see an ad for "Teenage Women Of Propriety," which spells TWoP vertically. I'm sure there will be people who sigh exasperatedly and say that this is obviously a coincidence, because there always are. But given that my cynicism was attached to my objectivity, I'm going to deem that a shout-out. (Oh, and also because Rob said it was. Heh.) Anyway, Duncan babbles about how if Veronica won't help him, he'll go it alone. The call ends...

...and we cut to the sheriff's office, where Agent Xena has ditched the business suit. She hasn't donned the breastplate and gauntlets yet, but Wills tells her he's tracked the call to Big Bear, so it might be time to suit up. Speaking of which, Lamb goes to put on his belt and says that he can be there in two hours, but Xena easily tells him that everything's under control. In other words, stay in your pond, Fish Breath.

Veronica's fumbling with her keys outside her door when she takes a furtive look around. She suddenly hustles over to the adjoining apartment, unlocks the door, and enters and rushes over to Duncan. They kiss, and she tells him, "It's time." If I hadn't seen this episode already, I'd say it's time for you to explain WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

Duncan and Veronica move to the crib in the middle of the room and take a look at the baby, who's swaddled in all pink. Not only is she adorable, but she's allowing me to associate that color with someone on this show other than Paris Hilton. She can totally Whoops. Anyway, Veronica unconvincingly tells Duncan that they're doing the right thing, so she obviously doesn't read the forums. She also informs him that everyone bought the ruses with Kendall and the boat (and Kendall was totally not in on the plan, not that that's a surprise), and that they have to go, since the FBI is on its way to Big Bear. Duncan tells her to wait a minute, but Veronica, not wanting to go to pieces, says that after they leave the room, they can't have any contact with each other. Duncan grabs her shoulders and gives forth with this speech: "Goodbye, Veronica. I love you. Always have. Always will." Veronica, sadly: "You'd better." They kiss again. Duncan doesn't seem too broken up here, although his sadness at leaving Veronica is probably tempered by his excitement at the prospect of getting his kid to safety. God, what am I doing? This recap's taking forever as it is, and if I get bogged down in the Byzantine exercise of trying to make sense of Duncan's emotions, I'll never get out of here.

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