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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

Mexican border. Lamb chomps on some gum and waits. He gets waved through. He drives, excitedly checking his reflection all "You are one handsome devil." Well, at least there's one thing in this episode he's not wrong about. "Four Leaf Clover" by the Old 97s plays as he approaches a little cantina that has a sign reading "American also spoken," which HA. Lamb enters and shows the proprietor a picture of Duncan, and asks in "Mexican" whether he's seen him. The proprietor laughs, "No, but you all look alike to me." Hee. Lamb's icy stare wipes the smile off the guy's face, but I think he's less offended by the general sentiment than the idea that this guy doesn't appreciate how much better-looking Lamb is than your average Caucasian. The guy suggests that Lamb try the restaurant up the road.

Veronica enters her bedroom to find Keith forlornly sitting at her desk. "If they take you away -- if you're sent to prison --" Veronica gently asks if he read the emails, which were exchanges between Meg and Child Protection Services: "They're about her parents." Keith says that he wouldn't survive without Veronica, and that while she may have thought she needed to do it, as he tells her on the verge of tears, "You played ME!" He goes on, "I love you. I'll always love you. But I don't know how I'll ever trust you again." There's a knock at the door as Veronica unhappily absorbs the full impact of those words. Remember the "you're not as clever as you think you are" speech? As last warnings go, that one was pretty damn clear.

Keith answers the door to find Xena, Wills, and a couple of other agents. Agent Xena gives Keith a search warrant, and the team gets to work. Keith asks if this is really necessary, but Agent Xena tells him there was no sign of Duncan in Big Bear, but that the manager of a condo did show a model unit to a "cute young blonde woman." She produces a cassette player that she says they found in a dumpster behind the condo, and plays the tape within, which has a recording of Duncan's side of the earlier phone conversation with Veronica. As Agent Xena tells them that she doesn't think it's possible to have an unrehearsed conversation with a tape recorder, one of the agents opens the toiletries cabinet. Veronica's poker face deserts her for once, but there's nothing inside to find. Veronica throws Keith a subtly grateful look as he mock-blusters that they've obviously busted her. Agent Xena admiringly says that they're both cool customers. "But kidnapping cases don't go away. You should know that." Kidnappers, on the other hand, do, and that's all I really care about at the moment.

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