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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

Tattoo parlor. Weevil is getting something on his neck when the artist says he has something he's been meaning to give him. He hands Weevil a drawing and some photographs, and says he was going to put the drawing on Felix's chest, except he had to ruin the canvas by going and getting stabbed and all. The drawing is apparently taken from the pictures, which are of Felix and a pretty blonde girl. The artist notes that and asks who she is. Weevil: "Her name's Molly Fitzpatrick." Molly, by the way, is the Amy Locane-looking girl from the River Stix, although it's hard to tell from the picture. But Felix, your big brother must have had quite the talk with you when you crossed over to biker heaven or wherever you are now. Although Felix could make the case that even a girl connected with Gustavio's murder is a step up from Wanda. I'd testify to that.

At the restaurant, Lamb is asking some American stoner/surfer-looking dude about Duncan. The guy says that, a couple hours earlier, he directed a guy that looked like Duncan to a grocery store a few miles down the road, but that there was no baby. Lamb thanks him and starts to leave, but the guy says it might not have been him: "You sure you got jurisdiction down here?" Heh. Lamb doesn't dignify that with an answer. And I thought it was kind of a reasonable question, myself.

Outside, Lamb drives away past three young folks with big backpacks. Later, he drives over some train tracks, and his trunk pops open. He stops the car and gets out, and discovers several empty water bottles, some half-eaten food, and a hook attached to some elastic that was used to open the trunk from the inside. He does not find a full water bottle, so either Duncan has a really large bladder, or Lamb's going to want to get a full car wash ASAP. Lamb looks around in horror as he realizes how thoroughly he got played. It's not too late for some correspondence courses, Donnie.

Back at the restaurant, we see two of the young folks, who are trying to hitch a ride, and then the third one, who's a blond wig-, goatee-, and straw hat-wearing Duncan. A pickup pulls up across the street, and Duncan hustles over to it. He opens the door to find Vinnie, who's all, "Gas, grass, or ass, kid. Nobody rides for free." God, I thought I was going to get out of this episode without another unsettling mental picture. Duncan thankfully hands over thirty grand and hops in. Between Vinnie and Duncan is Astrid, Celeste's personal slave, holding the baby. Duncan takes off the disguise as Vinnie notes that he pays better than his mom, and Astrid says that the baby won't let go of her finger. Duncan says the baby thinks Astrid's Veronica, and Astrid notes that so does the condo manager. This, I think, is an extremely important point that I didn't see mentioned on the boards, because if a case were to be pressed against Veronica for aiding Duncan, the FBI would learn that it wasn't Veronica who planted the cassette, so the case against her would probably break down on that evidence alone. Anyway, Duncan takes the baby and greets her as "Lilly." And naming the baby after your sister who got bashed in the head with an ashtray at sixteen is just the right balance of sweet and twistedly misguided we've come to expect from Duncan. It's nice to see him go out in character. Vinnie starts the car, and they drive off as "Adelaide" by the Old 97s starts up, which is such an awesome choice for this montage that I'm not sure I didn't bump up the episode grade solely on the strength of it alone. The sun is starting to set behind them as Duncan covers his face and Lamb drives by. When he's gone, Vinnie gives his passengers a satisfied look. I guess Lamb had a point when he said PIs make law enforcement more difficult for law-enforcement officials. I don't think he expected quite such a personal reminder of that idea, though.

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