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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

I mean, I know the plan was exceedingly risky. The whole thing would have come apart simply if Lamb has gotten a flat tire on the way to Mexico, although I would have loved to see the look on his face when he opened the trunk in that scenario. But Veronica's not one to half-ass the complexity of a plan like this, and again, if she and Duncan thought this was the only way to be sure Duncan got custody, I could buy them going through with it. Ultimately, I don't think Veronica did this for Duncan as much as she did it for the baby and for Meg, and it's true that Meg's "take care of my baby if anything happens to me" was horribly clichéd and soapy, it happened. In other words, mistakes were made in past episodes, but the storyline had to be wrapped up in the context of those mistakes. As for how Duncan's going to take care of the baby, I think it's reasonable to assume that he had access to some decent amount of money, one way or another, and dollars go a long way in a lot of Mexico. Of course, I don't know what he's going to do if Baby Lilly starts showing symptoms of Type IV fake disorder, but I think we're all hoping she takes after her mother. Anyway, I'm sorry this episode sparked such contention on the boards, but I can certainly understand it, the difference in opinion, if not all the acrimony. And while I've ranted at length about Duncan and I think the show will be much better with the character gone, I have no problem with the sweet sendoff. It's nice to see Duncan ending his run actually connected to someone else. Just don't come back, or Xena will beat the tar out of you.

I hope that made a tiny bit of sense, because I'm exhausted. I need another seven-week break.

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