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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

Computer room. That gym/computer teacher who pops up here and there is conducting the "Search Engine Olympics," and asks the class what the varsity boys' basketball team's record in district play is. Veronica types Wallace's name into the engine as VMVO explains that while her classmates are searching under Neptune High and getting tons of pages of results, all she has to do is click on Wallace's current box score and...she trails off as she sees that Wallace was not only playing basketball in Chicago, but he was kicking ass. For future reference, the name of the Chicago school is "Trevor Hale," and since it will be important, the only person with better stats on the team has the surname of "Rucker." In fact, in the first box score Veronica sees, Rucker had a triple-double (double-digits in points, assists, and rebounds, one of the most impressive basketball feats possible). I just hope his prowess earns him enough respect that his teammates refrain from calling him "Hootie." I have to say, though, that since the only purpose of this scene was for Veronica to make this discovery, it feels kind of shoehorned in.

Dick finds Logan at his locker, and says that Bootsy denied his request for drugs, "and went on to suggest I perform sexual intercourse upon my own person." Hee. Logan opines that if Dick could do that, he'd never come to school. Dick: "Boy, that's the truth." I'd wonder if successfully doing that makes you a little bit gay, but I doubt any insecurities Dick might have about that would be any match for his inexorable horniness. Anyway, Dick produces ten hits of "E" that he scored off of Hector. Logan notes that he gave Dick enough for twenty, but Dick says he got the "09er discount. Charged me double." Heh. When Dick's gone, Logan produces a Sharpie and writes Hector's name on the box. He then spots Weevil, and bumps into him to cover handing off the drugs. Weevil reads Hector's name...

...and we cut to the Mexican border, where a patrolman is telling Lamb that if Duncan crossed, he probably did so before anyone knew the baby was missing, so perhaps they should scale back the searches. Lamb thinks Duncan hasn't gone across yet, but says he'll think about it. The patrolman thanks him, and the camera pans up to reveal three lines of honking cars backed up several deep. To think this is bad, this patrolman must clearly never have seen the approach to the Holland Tunnel on a Sunday evening in summer. I haven't had occasion to do so since August of 2000, and I'm still surprised I ever got home.

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