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South Of The Border, Down Mexico Way...

SHD opens Lamb's door and tells him that Veronica claims to have something they might be interested in. Agent Xena knows that Veronica is "the girlfriend," but Lamb, after telling SHD to put Veronica in interrogation, corrects Agent Xena that Veronica's the ex-girlfriend, and that it was an ugly breakup, from what he heard. Lamb is just such a hen when he's out of uniform. Whoops. Now I have to pause to let you all get a cold drink. Back? Okay. Lamb cautions the agents that Veronica is "slippery," but Agent Xena thinks they can handle her. You're probably right, Xena, but you'd better give a war cry just so we know it is on.

Interrogation room. Lamb and the two agents appear in the doorway as Veronica sighs, "Nick and Jessica. Is nothing sacred?" It really is sad. I pray to Gaw that they get back together. Agent Xena sees Veronica and says to Wills: "Call for backup." Wills: "Just the chopper?" Agent Xena: "Snipers." Hee. They enter, and after Lamb introduces the agents, Veronica informs them that Duncan had a dotMac account to back up his laptop, and Wills goes to arrange for a warrant to search it. I didn't expect to say this about him, but isn't he just the cutest thing? Sacks calls to Lamb that Border Patrol is on the phone. Now, I should say that this scene was the second one I saw filmed, and the one in which the lovely first assistant director convinced me to participate. If you look behind Sacks in this shot, you can see an Asian guy in a sleeveless top and a taller guy in a backwards baseball cap. Those are actually two hilarious guys, Viet Nguyen and Mike Weiss, who work in the L.A. office and with whom I rode down to the set. And, above Sacks's head, you can see a bit of a third guy, who happens to be me. You might think I'd be disappointed that that's all of me that made it on camera, but given (a) my own assessment of my acting ability, and (b) what I was wearing for the scene, I'll instead just opine that the scene was extremely well blocked. Anyway, Veronica tells Lamb not to bother: "Duncan hates Mexico." Lamb: "Is that so, Brer Rabbit?" Heh. Lamb is awesome in this episode, by the way. Lamb instructs Border Patrol not to back off the searches, and then asks why Veronica doesn't go wait outside. Veronica: "Why don't you?" Hee. Agent Xena smirks, but Lamb stage-whispers that Veronica's next option is a cell, so she leaves before she gets to the part about how Jen found out about Brad and Angelina or whatever story is being reprinted for the 800,000th time that week. Agent Xena, to Lamb: "I'll take a coffee when you get a minute." Nice. Lamb tries to save face by ordering two coffees from Sacks, and if you listen closely, you can catch Sacks's puzzled "What?" Hee. You just know Lamb's going to use the Emasculating Hands on him soon -- the only way Lamb can get his balls back to full size is to shrink someone else's. Lamb then changes tacks, telling Agent Xena he thought about the FBI, but "big fish, small town -- has its perks." Agent Xena asks if he went to college, but he only made it through a year before blowing out his knee playing ball. She then asks about foreign languages. Lamb: "A little Mexican. Enough to get by. Tell them to turn their music down." Hee. I wonder if he recognizes any words when they tell him where he can stick his request. Agent Xena asks if he has any expertise in any of a number of fields. Lamb is all, "Expertise..." with this awesome smile like he thinks Agent Xena is turned on by his roguish charm. Agent Xena, not meanly, tells him maybe he should ride with the "big fish" idea. Lamb looks disappointed. Come on, Lamb, don't feel bad. If Hercules couldn't bag her, you never had a shot.

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