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We pick up where we left off, in the parking lot outside the prison. Veronica looks up from sobbing, and VMVO goes hard-ass: "So Jake Kane is your father. Deal with it, Veronica." Yes, deal with the fact that your real dad is one of the richest men on the West Coast. Perhaps your therapy can include your own pony and a ride in the space shuttle.

Cut to Veronica driving on the highway, as VMVO wonders if her dad knows, and if that might be why he went after Jake so obsessively. Then: "Oh, God. Does this Duncan my..."

Cut to Veronica hurling out the door of her shouldered car. Hee. Although for me, that answers the question of whether they slept together with a resounding "no." If they had, her steering wheel would be pretty sticky right about now. Driving again, Veronica wonders if the photos of her in the gun sights were how Jake stuck it to her dad. I'm not clear that Keith ever saw those, but maybe she means that Jake threatened Lianne with the photos and thereby got her to leave Keith. Veronica goes on to say that if that's what Jake did, Veronica's taking him down. Geez, Veronica. Wasn't Duncan enough? Oh, speaking of which, if Jake really were Veronica's father, would he really have allowed Duncan and Veronica to date? I mean, I know we don't know a lot about Jake's moral compass, but...there's evil, and then there's just plain gross.

Veronica's taking a close look at the pictures. She notes that one of them was taken in a part of town that she only went to because her mom insisted that she see a counselor after Lilly died. The counselor's name was "Doctor Dave," which, given that CBS owns UPN, has to be a shout-out to Doctor Dan on Joan of Arcadia. And from Veronica's attitude, it sounds like this guy was about as useful to her as Dan was to Joan. I mean, anyone who tells you that you shouldn't be seeing Cute Guy God is no one you need in your life. Anyway, Veronica knows she saw the counselor on Thursdays, and when she sees another photo of her at school in front of a banner that says, "Book Week," she's got enough information to...

...rush into school and ask "Miss Murphy," her English teacher, when Book Week was. First week in February. Working fast, Veronica figures out that the person who photographed her at school had to be sitting at a particular table at a nearby restaurant. She examines her check, which is just for an iced tea (for a dollar! Are we back in Tijuana?). Sure that she's right, she asks a server whether they still have the receipts from February, as she claims to think she's being stalked. Oh, come on, the forum posters love you! Veronica produces the pictures to back up her claim, and the woman is sympathetic. Well, it's not that I wouldn't be sympathetic too, but I'd also wonder why she's coming around with these questions in November when the photos were taken in February. She's not going to be outrunning any bullets at that speed.

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